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7 Things: National Democrats celebrate a small win while GOP tries to regroup; video release of police shooting stirs emotions; and more …

7. In a news story that will surely be coming to a town near you, Mobile is cracking down on public marijuana smoking after complaints it is becoming an omnipresent issue. As attitudes evolve and laws change, more cannabis consumption will take place and it will become part of everyday life with municipalities being forced to deal with it.

6. The two-year legal battle over the House of Mouse’s special legal status is over with a total victory for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and bent knee for Disney as they drop their lawsuit against the governor. You may remember DeSantis detractors on the left and right suggested his war with Mickey and friends was a sure-loss legally and political killer, but that seems like hopeful wishcasting instead of analysis now.

5. Alabama Superintendent Eric Mackey is responding to criticism of a new transparency law that some have complained gives parents too much power but is designed to provide parents with more access to information about their children’s education. Mackey accurately notes, “We really need parents to be engaged in the learning process. And I think that was really the impetus behind this is how do we help parents engage in what’s going on in the child’s classroom.”

4. Another day, another horrible story of an illegal immigrant who should not be in the country murdering or raping someone. This time an illegal immigrant, Pablo Mendoza, was arrested for the rape of a mentally incapacitated 14-year-old girl in Enterprise. U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) responded to the all-too-frequent news by tweeting, “@JoeBiden is aiding and abetting these monsters.”

3. A day after the release of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) investigative video into the death of Steve Perkins, who was shot after pointing a gun at law enforcement, the family of Steve Perkins who called for the release of the video denounced the move and protests are back. The video clearly shows Perkins exiting his home with a gun with a light on it in his hand, he raises the gun and illuminates the police officer before he was shot and killed.

2. Democrats have a new star and an old favorite issue in Alabama State Rep.-elect Marilyn Lands (D-Madison) and abortion “rights” with over 50% of Americans saying abortion should be legal. But the reality of American life in 2024 is not the same as the message they are delivering with the economy and immigration the most important issues facing all Americans (Ds/Is/Rs) and over 50% saying they are worse off than four years ago.

1. The Republican Party needs a wake-up call according to Alabama GOP Chairman John Wahl after a blowout election loss to abortion-obsessed Alabama State Rep.-elect Marilyn Lands (D-Madison). Wahl laid out what the GOP should be standing for, “The Republican Party needs to be standing for things like in my opinion, parental rights, protecting children from bad policies, getting involved in a culture war.”

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