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7 Things: Invasion gets violent on the border; Alabama lawmakers unveil huge workforce development bill; and more …

7. Bud Light has quite a deal for you Alabama fans, 12-pack bottles with the Crimson Tide’s colors and logo to celebrate their NCAA tournament birth. That is great and all, but remember this is the same company that paid trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney to indoctrinate kids on TikTok and never apologized while losing 32% of their market share, plus Miller High Life is right there.

6. The clowns with the Freedom From Religion Foundation are continuing their harassing letter campaign against Alabama school districts, that the media will dutifully amplify, while responsible will leaders ignore. The villains this month are the monsters of the Oak Grove High School football team in west Jefferson County for daring to use the motto, “God, Team, Me,” as a rallying cry.

5. Congrats are in order for Carlee Russell after she successfully kept herself out of jail despite clearly being guilty for all the crimes she was charged with but only has to pay $17,974.88 in restitution, 12 months of probation, and do 100 hours of community service. The fake abduction hoaxer who is going to stay out of jail after creating a legitimate panic, racial divisions, and a level of apathy towards missing people that will have real impact in the future is apparently not worth of resources spent to detain her.

4. The “Parent’s Right to Know” bill is now law, teachers will have to post the curricula on the Internet, this includes a list of required, and optional reading available to the students in the classroom if requested. For some reason this is a big problem for some in the media, with complaints of unpaid labor being forced on the teachers.

3. Government shutdown might need to happen, latest bill introduced overnight includes all sorts of stupid things that even have U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville), an appropriator’s appropriator, saying he is out on this. Here are some things it includes… $850k for a gay senior home, $15m to pay for Egyptian’s college tuitions, $400k for a gay activist group to teach elementary kids about being trans, $500k for a DEI zoo, $400k for a group to gives clothes to teens to help them hide their gender, $300m to Ukraine, and $15m to track all of our cattle electronically. 

2. Alabama’s government continues to see good reason to spend millions every year on economic development and other matters that could put more people back into the workforce. The package of bills includes, industrial site development and infrastructure, workforce diplomas, childcare tax credit legislation, workforce training, investment in tech schools, workforce housing tax rebate, economic incentives for certain sectors and communities.

1. The border invasion was already on, now we have video of over 100 illegal immigrants ripping down a border fence and overpowering Texas National Guardsmen and entered the country, which will be seen and copied in the future. Infuriatingly, Border Patrol agent Orlando Marrero told a local news station, “The migrants that we encountered here today at gate 36 will be taken to a processing center” and only one was arrested for assaulting officers.

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