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7 Things: Gambling still in trouble; Birmingham hides ransomware attack; Final Four gets pricey; and more …

7. Yesterday, voters in Marshall County cast their ballots to elect their next state representative for House District 27 after now-State Sen. Wes Kitchen won a State Senate seat. Out of the six Republican candidates vying for the position, Former Alabama Secretary of Early Childhood Education Jeana Ross and Arab City Councilman Alan Miller moved on to the runoff.

6. BidenBloodbath.com is now apparently a thing after the Republican National Committee launched the site to criticize President Joe Biden’s border policies, attributing a “border crisis” to them and alleging links between illegal immigration and crime, while Democrats counter with accusations against the former president. The media is hell-bent on insisting that studies show immigrants, who should not be here, are less likely to commit violent crimes compared to U.S.-born citizens, while the Biden administration argues that it’s not their fault the border is wide open on their watch and send out scare tweets in Spanish about another attempt at a distraction from Biden’s best campaign workers.

5. Attorney General Steve Marshall, State Rep. Matt Simpson (R-Daphne ) and a loser of a one man “War on Dumb” at aldotcom have been sparring with each other in tedious columns and tweets about an ethics bill that no one outside of Montgomery cares about. Rep. Simpson says we need a rewrite of the law to make the lines clear, AG Marshall says the law downgrades a lot of actions that are currently the subject of criminal penalties, making them civil issues, and opens the door to more gifts being given to lawmakers, and aldotcom’s Kyle Whitmire is upset about stuff he has no say in, that and the fact that he lives every day being Kyle Whitmire, a man who is known best as “the guy who asked if Roy Moore was secretly gay?,” and who desperately wants to know why John Archibald won’t answer his texts.

4. The last closed in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic in Alabama has now reopened after the Alabama Legislature responded to the Alabama Supreme Court decision granting protection to IVF embryos under Alabama’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act by passing legislation allowing IVF services. The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile has expressed gratitude for understanding during the challenges posed by the decision and subsequent legislation.

3. Those Final Four tickets are going to cost you with $600 being the best prices to get in the door at and you will be sitting in the upper deck of a football stadium. And this does not in include the thousands of dollars that you may spend on flights and lodging. But Crimson Tide Sports Network’s Bryan Passink said you should still go, saying, “For those on the fence about going to Phoenix, my advice is to just figure it out & GO. I’ve been to Final 4s over the years & it’s the absolute best! Like many of you, I’ve dreamed of @AlabamaMBB being there & here we are! I’m so pumped! See y’all at The FINAL 4! Roll Tide!”

2. Nawl” the mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodfin is not good after it was revealed that the city of Birmingham has been under a ransomware attacks for weeks leading to paper time cards and the city council has not received a briefing on the matter. But Mayor Woodfin misled the public calling it a “network disruption.” The lack of communication and secrecy from the city is apparently how most municipalities handle these things for fear of political fallout but the city seems to be operating relatively normal for the residents.

1. Gambling is NOT happening, so people should probably get ready to accept that, as negotiations on gambling legislation are set to resume in the Alabama Legislature this week, following their Spring Break. The debate continues to be about how much gambling should the state accept, it is not about morals, religion, gambling addiction, crime, or any other matter, both chambers have passed gambling bills, but with the Senate passing them with amendments narrowing the scope of the bill, and gambling in the state, a compromise seems unlikely.

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