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7 Things: Democrats have believed ‘Demographics is destiny’ for years but call it a conspiracy theory now, Biden slams enemies in Buffalo speech and more …

7. UFO hearing has been held, nothing revealed

  • For the first time in 50 years, there has been a congressional hearing held on UFOs. After the hearing, U.S. Representative Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said, “We just got hosed, basically.”
  • Burchett described the video shown during the hearing as generally disappointing and went on to say that “they couldn’t answer questions” that were asked. He added, “There’s something that’s in our airspace that we don’t understand and that can do a 90-degree…I think we should be concerned.” Burchett’s concerns with the beginning of the hearings were not entirely shared, with other Representatives expecting the process to take more time before answers are reached.

6. John Oliver’s attack on Kay Ivey makes her happier than a junebug in a screen door factory

  • “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver recently went after Alabama and Governor Kay Ivey on his show, attacking the law in the state that prohibits many medical treatments for transgender minors. Oliver stated, “No one should ever face criminal punishment for providing health care to young people.”
  • Ivey responded during an interview with Breitbart, “I can assure you that the people of Alabama want nothing to do with Mr. Oliver’s liberal, Hollywood-friendly agenda. We’re going to continue to focus on helping our young people become the adults God intended them to be, and if that offends you, John, I don’t care.”

5. Turnout next week will likely be higher than years past

  • It’s expected there will be a high turnout for the upcoming primary midterm election, with 28-32% expected on May 24, according to estimates from Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.
  • In 2018, turnout was 25.6%, and in 2014, it was only 21.6%. Merrill said the reason for higher turnout is “you’ve got a governor’s race that’s attracted a lot of candidates who are spending a lot of money.” He added, “And then you’ve got an open U.S. Senate seat that’s breaking every record in the history of the state for the amount of money that’s been spent in a primary.”

4. Britt didn’t veto an abortion pill resolution as SGA president

  • A recent ad released by U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant’s campaign claims that fellow candidate Katie Britt “let abortion pills be supplied to teenagers” while she was SGA president at the University of Alabama since there was a resolution passed in 2003 asking that the Morning After pill be provided at the campus health center.
  • Since Britt didn’t veto the resolution, the Durant campaign has called into question her pro-life stance. Despite the claim that this medication is an “abortion pill,” it’s only to be used as a last resort to prevent pregnancy from ever actually happening. Britt has defended her pro-life position saying she’s “a Christian, conservative wife and mother of two precious children,” and she’s “proud to be 100% pro-life. She added, “Both my faith and the science tell me that life begins at conception, and I’ll fight tirelessly to protect life in the Senate.”

3. Brooks running on his illegal immigration record

  • U.S. Senate candidate U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) has released a new television ad from his campaign where his record on illegal immigration is brought to focus, stating his ranking by NumbersUSA claims he has the best record on the issue.
  • The ad states, “No one has fought illegal immigration harder than Mo Brooks. Mo cosponsored the Deport Foreign Criminals Act, the No Social Security for Illegals Act, fought the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, fought to fund President Trump’s border wall. NumbersUSA gave Mo the highest rating in Congress on securing the border. Mo Brooks – Our true, proven conservative.”

2. Biden used yesterday’s speech in Buffalo to hammer his enemies, as usual

  • The beginning of President Joe Biden’s speech in the aftermath of the shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo focused on the victims, their lives and the heroism of a retired police officer who lost his life; then it went off the rails. Biden railed on his political enemies, called them racist, suggested the attack was related to the riot at the U.S. Capitol, and accused them of pushing conspiracy theories for political gain and profit.
  • All of this was rather rich, but the media ate it up before reporting hours later that President Biden had “finally” had it with Republicans and he would no longer be seeking to work with Republicans and would be more adversarial. Oddly, Biden has called Republicans the “most extreme” political party in American history, referred to their immigration plans as “Jim Crow 2.0,” asserted they worshipped the “MAGA King,” and regularly claimed they don’t care about average Americans. But, now, he has had enough because first lady Jill Biden has told him to be “less scripted and more on the offensive.”

1. The “Great Replacement Theory” has been a Democrat talking point for years

  • Much is being made of the rhetoric on the right and from media personalities about the changing demographics of America and immigration, the premise being Democrats are pushing this to happen for political gain. One of the reasons this keeps coming up is because Democrats have been openly talking about it for years, so obviously, the media is framing this as a Republican conspiracy theory.
  • A poll released before the racist massacre in Buffalo showed that three-in-10 Americans believe that immigration is weakening Americans politically, culturally and economically (because it clearly is). Time magazine even took down the political theory Democrats have promoted and said it had become conventional wisdom. Time wrote, “It’s become something of a cliché in Washington for Democratic strategists to assert that ‘demographics are destiny.’ What they mean is that the diversifying electorate—and the shrinking role of white voters—will render Republicans incapable of sustaining power for much longer.” There are plenty of videos of the media and their Democrats promoting this and telling Americans that “Demographics is destiny.”

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