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7 Things: Biden meets with Xi; AL high schooler says students don’t ‘believe’ in the national anthem; and more …

7. After close to 300,000 people gathered on the National Mall with no incident to oppose anti-Semitism, a much smaller crowd of pro-Hamas protestors came together the next day to wreak havoc at the DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. They even forced the U.S. House office buildings to be closed.

6. ALGOP Chairman John Wahl is a member of the Alabama Public Library Service Board and is now calling for the board to disaffiliate from the American Library Association after their absurd leftward turn. Wahl said, “Parents should never have to worry about their children accidentally stumbling across sexually explicit material in the youth sections of our libraries.”

5. The American Heart Association wants everyone to know they are super woke and they can’t see race, for some reason. This includes removing race from the way they determine risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. They claim that race is just a “social construct” even as they admit race is a good predictive factor.

4. New polling shows former President Donald Trump is still beating down President Joe Biden in the latest national polls, and in swing states, but more entrants complicate things. With just Trump vs. Biden, Trump wins by 2%, but add Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump only wins by 1%, add Cornel West, too, and Trump wins by 3%.

3. Government shutdown averted, with Alabama’s U.S. senators being split on the final vote with Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) a YES and Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) voting NO. The next government shutdowns, yes plural, are scheduled for Jan. 19 (20% of the government) and Feb. 2 (80%).

2. Alabama State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) wants to have the national anthem played at schools across the state once a week, this outraged aldotcom so much that they sought out high school students to oppose the measure. Instead, they proved the need for it.

1. President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping was not good with Xi reminding Biden that the world is “big enough” for both countries. Biden struggled through a press conference where he talked about a ceasefire for Hamas, trade, climate change, Taiwan, fentanyl, AI, and reopening direct conversations between the two nations.

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