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7 Things: ‘Anonymous’ administration official rips Trump, Kavanaugh hints at protecting Roe v. Wade, Senator Shelby defends the South and more …

7. Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has now decided to sue CBS, Showtime and Sacha Baron Cohen over a joke played at his expense

— Moore’s lawsuit is based on the fact that Moore signed a release under false pretenses after Cohen invited Moore and his wife to an award ceremony and interview where he implied Moore set off a device that was supposedly invented by the Israeli Army to detect pedophiles.

— Moore’s lawyers say he has “been the subject of widespread ridicule and humiliation” and seeks $95 million for the “severe emotional distress and pain and financial damage.”

6. A Birmingham city councilwoman wants to punish parents for their kid’s crimes

— After seven teens were shot following a teen party in Birmingham, Councilwoman Lashunda Scales said Birmingham could cut down on the crimes committed by the youth if parents were held responsible the violent acts of their children.

— Scales is citing Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village” comments saying, “We got to send a strong message to parents it is not the responsibility of the community, it is not the responsibility of the police department, it is not the responsibility of the village to raise your children.”

5. Rocket City Trash Pandas

— Jumping on board of the trend of naming Minor League Baseball something unique and silly, the now-Mobile Baybears will be renamed the Rocket City Trash Pandas with the move to Madison. They begin play in 2020.

— The Trash Pandas join the ranks of other minor league teams with marketing-friendly names, including El Paso Chihuahuas, Hartford Yard Goats, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Lehigh Valley IronPigs, New Orleans Baby Cakes, Reading Fightin Phils, Omaha Storm Chasers and Frisco RoughRiders.

4. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is looking into targeted political censorship at social media giants

— Sessions says he will summon state attorney generals later to talk about censorship and other issues, the DOJ said the companies “may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms,” but a governmental action on that level seems unlikely.

— The House Freedom Caucus is also looking at this issue, with discussion potentially leading to a conversation about the legal immunity these companies enjoy.

3. Southern Senators, including Alabama’s senior Senator Richard Shelby, stand with the South after President Donald Trump allegedly rips AG Sessions as a “dumb Southerner,” — Trump denies

— Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson clearly doesn’t believe that Southerners, like him, are inferior. He stated, “I’m a Southerner. People can judge my intellect, my IQ, by my product and what I produce rather than what somebody else says.”

— Senator Shelby reminded the president, “Without the South, he wouldn’t be the president of the United States,” and also pointed out that he also has an accent.

2. Brett Kavanaugh didn’t say he would uphold Roe. v. Wade, but he came close

— One of the more intriguing parts of the Kavanaugh appointment is the question of whether or not he would vote to do away with Roe v. Wade. When asked, he said the ruling was “an important precedent of the Supreme Court that has been reaffirmed many times.”

— What is now more likely is that a court with Kavanaugh on it would uphold restrictions on abortion in states as long as they don’t outlaw it completely.

1. Now we have an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times that where a “current Trump administration official” claims they are part of the “Resistance”

— The rare, and absurd, act of publishing this piece anonymously only further solidifies the idea that the media is on a mission to diminish this president and his objectives.

— The headline and narrative are a bit misleading, to be kind. It includes this section, “To be clear, ours is not the popular ‘resistance’ of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.”

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