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7 Things: Alabama Republicans tout economic growth, dishonesty over Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing continues, Democratic candidate for Congress isn’t fond of Alabama and more …

7. “Drag Queen Story Hour” brings protests and counter-protests in Mobile

— “The Common Sense Campaign Tea Party” and “The Human Wall Against Hate” squared off in a protest over something so idiotic only the most liberal of liberals would dare defend it: a bunch of children’s books read to kids by drag queens.

— Parents were there to weaponize their children in our culture wars with thank you notes from a seven-year-old and three-year-old whose parents are “happy they finally have stuff like this.”

6. The head of the Republican Party only views their chances of keeping the House at “50-50”

— Last week, Mike Rogers told WVNN radio that he saw a 70 percent chance the Republicans lose the House. Now, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says the odds are 50-50 Republicans “defy history” and keep the House.

Polling has really close races in Georgia for governor and in Ted Cruz’ Senate race in Texas, but “if you figure out a way to subtract from that equation how they feel about the president, the numbers go up dramatically.

5. Former President Barack Obama is back, “and this time it is personal

— While Obama was president, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats but the media and Democrats think this time will be different.

— Part of his appearances included him taking credit for job numbers that he said were never going to happen, and absurd lies about his relationship with Fox News.

4. President Trump’s supporters in Alabama want him to lay off the criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

— As the media sows chaos in the White House, CNN was in Alabama reporting that “Folks around here look out for their own. They don’t like the way the president is now treating the attorney general.” The report included quotes from plenty of Alabamians.

— An Inspector General’s investigation set off by Sessions has led to a grand jury being impaneled to look at FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Bruce Ohr is under scrutiny as well.

3. Alabama Democrat Congressional candidate Mallory Hagan is on tape trashing Alabama

— Hagan is a former Miss America who left Alabama after one year at Auburn. Hagan said she left Alabama for New York City because she “didn’t like the culture of Alabama.”

— While she is now running for Congress in Alabama, she was a Miss America winner from New York in 2013 and saw herself as a New Yorker, saying “I’ve lived in like six different Brooklyn neighborhoods, so I definitely consider myself a New Yorker.”

2. Last week’s confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh was a disgrace to the country, but he will still be confirmed in spite of Alabama Senator Doug Jones’ wishes

Dishonesty over what was said at this hearing was prevalent all week, as was Sen. Corey Booker’s weird “I am Spartacus” routine and the constant interruptions.

— One of the silly notions was that Kavanaugh perjured himself, which he clearly did not.

1. Alabama’s Republican Congressional delegation continues touting the economy’s success

— The economy added 201,000 new jobs in August, unemployment has only been below 4% nine times since 1970 (four of those times happened this year), and the largest wage growth is happening since 2009.

—  Representatives Brooks, Byrne, Roby and Rogers all put out social media messages extolling the success of President Trump at living up to his promises to help the economy grow, with Rogers adding, “think the left will still find a way to complain?”

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