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7 Things: Alabama Republicans respond to Mar-a-Lago raid, AG Marshall says the American people will not accept this and more …

7. More federal funding will be provided for infrastructure and a dumb skybridge in Huntsville

  • U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Tuscaloosa) announced on Tuesday that $27 million in federal funding will be directed to Alabama in the form of grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for infrastructure projects.
  • A majority of the funds, $20 million, will go to Huntsville. Cordova will receive $5.179 million and the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments will be provided $2 million. Shelby said, “I am particularly pleased that Huntsville has been awarded the funds to construct multiple pedestrian bridges that will soon provide greater success to businesses and vital services located downtown. This multimodal project has been in the works for quite some time, and I look forward to the finished project.”

6. Parole denied for Spencer following efforts from Ivey and the obvious fact that he was a threat

  • Jimmy O’Neal Spencer was denied parole after wide outcry, including from Gov. Kay Ivey, due to him being accused of murdering three people within eight months of being granted parole.
  • Attorney General Steve Marshall argued before the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, “If there is ever an example of someone who does not need to be released again, it’s Jimmy O’Neal Spencer.”

5. Teen arrested after threatening school online

  • The Mobile Police Department has confirmed that a 15-year-old was arrested for making terroristic threats toward several schools, including elementary schools as well as Murphy High School and Baker High School.
  • The teenager accused of making the threats was not a student at one of the public high schools. After being arrested, they were taken to be detained at the Strickland Youth Center.

4. We need to pick up the pace to compete with China

  • U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) commented on the United States’ current standing with China after the communist nation conducted military drills while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was visiting Taiwan last week.
  • Tuberville said, “The Democrats and Joe Biden, the Biden administration, need to wake up about the belligerence of China.” The senator added, “We have to be united as one and if we don’t unite as one over a group that is well funded, China, they’re doing everything they possibly can to outrun us in terms of nuclear weapons, ships, armaments, in space, it’s a race, it’s a race right now, and I will tell you we’re behind. We’ve got to catch up and we’ve got to get everybody on the same page.”

3. FBI raid focused on National Archives and Record Administration, seriously

  • It’s been reported that the FBI raid conducted at former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago focused on the National Archives and Record Administration’s allegation that the 45th president took confidential records from the White House.
  • It’s also been said that attorneys for Trump were not allowed to be present during the search. It was previously alleged that Trump took about 15 boxes worth of presidential records to his Mar-a-Lago estate, but those were returned in February.

2. Alabama AG slams raid at Mar-a-Lago

  • Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall believes the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid was inappropriate on multiple levels, citing his 25 years as a prosecutor and firsthand knowledge of how the criminal justice system should work. Marshall said, “The American people will not tolerate much more of these antics.”
  • Marshall tweeted, “This effort to flaunt the strength of law enforcement for political ends is a fundamental attack on our system of government and undermines faith and confidence in those whose sole mission is to keep us safe.” He added, “This unprecedented action of searching the home of a former president was unwarranted and entirely unjustifiable. Biden has successfully destroyed the credibility of a once-revered federal agency that truly believed justice is supposed to be blind.”

1. Alabama Republicans react to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home being raided

  • Yellowhammer State Republicans reacted to the FBI raiding former President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, with U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) saying, “The Deep state has reached a new low today by raiding a former president’s home.”
  • Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth said, “It’s obvious the liberals, RINOs, and fake news media want to destroy Donald Trump, but an ambush raid on a former president’s home is unconscionable. Those kinds of political attacks take place in Third World banana republics, not the USA. It’s time to Make America Great Again.”


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