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7 Things: Alabama Democrats have no chance, ALGOP Chair Lathan slams former Governor Bentley, 538.com analysis bleak for Republicans and more …

7. Trump nails the media to the wall after they tout their editorials slamming him

— Hundreds of newspapers attempted to coordinate an attack on the American president because he was mean to them, further proving they are an agenda-driven monolith.

— After Trump called the media the “opposition party,” he accurately laid out the current state of the media, saying, “The fact is that the Press is FREE to write and say anything it wants, but much of what it says is FAKE NEWS, pushing a political agenda or just plain trying to hurt people.”

6. One-in-seven Americans lose sleep over politics 

— The obsession over the everyday workings of D.C. and, more accurately, the president is leading to Americans feeling anxiety and fear over where the country is going.

— 34 million people admit to losing sleep over politics, the people in the South worry less than any other region with only nine percent losing sleep over our partisan environment.

5. Good news for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as the jury asks for clarification of “reasonable doubt

— Hours into deliberation on a laundry list of federal crimes, the jury sent a note to the judge asking for further explanation of legal points made by Manafort’s attorney in the closing argument, which would appear to be a good sign for that side.

— Other questions that may not be good for the defendant were process questions about tax law, even thought Manafort’s attorney said that the questions were a “good sign.”

4. AL.com refers to a child rapist as “undocumented resident,” taking great care to not make him feel bad

— Francisco Javier Martinez was arrested by the Cullman Sheriff’s Office and charged with child rape and sexual extortion.

— The sheriff’s office has filed paperwork with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Martinez will be taken into custody if he makes bond or the charges are resolved.

3. Alabama Democrat debate and townhall obsession seems to be more about media attention than votes

— If you thought having the media covering Alabama Democrats’ whining about debates was the only thing they had going for them, you are wrong. They also are demanding townhalls for some reason.

— Even though it has no perceivable electoral impact, Walt Maddox has made his debate request his single campaign issue. In North Alabama, Peter Joffrion is following suit, but mixing in some completely dishonest attacks. In the Wiregrass, Tabitha Isner is doing some sad performance art.

2. ALGOP Chairwoman Terry Lathan suggested if former Governor Bentley really cared about Alabama he would go away

— Chairwoman Lathan channeled all of us when she told Yellowhammer News, “I hope that if Dr. Bentley truly cares for Alabama, as he says he does, he would consider letting us go.”

— For their part, the “Bentley for Alabama” organization responded with a gif of Kevin from “The Office” laughing.

1. Alabama incumbents favored big-time in fivethirtyeight.com forecast. Republican chances look bleak overall

— There will be no blue wave in Alabama. Every single incumbent is favored to win their election with Martha Roby’s race the closest — and she still has 98.5 percent chance of winning.

— Republicans elsewhere should feel less safe. The analysis places the chances of a Democrat-controlled House at 68.9 percent.

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