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7 Things: AG will charge doctors who perform abortions, Trump sought documents he said exonerated him, and more …

7. Crime remains at the forefront

  • After a press conference by the police chief and a series of tweets by the mayor, crime someone how continues to be an issue in the city of Birmingham. After a particularly violent weekend, with seven people killed in three days, the bloodshed continues and a 4-year-old is now one of the victims. Sgt. Monica Law said, “a reckless disregard for other people, conflict resolution skills are poor, but it’s mostly not caring about other people.”

  • In Memphis, Tenn., as we are seeing elsewhere, career criminals are creating chaos with a jogger being murdered over the weekend by someone with a lengthy rap sheet and short sentences and another murderer roaming the city, live-streaming his attacks leaving four dead yesterday.

6. Stop focusing on Trump

  • U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) wants to keep Republicans and Democrats from only focusing on former President Donald Trump as more news is released about the FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

  • Tuberville said, “We’re in a free fall right now, and all these Democrats up here are worried about Donald Trump…Quit worrying about him and get up and get to doing your job.” Tuberville went on to add, “This is a swamp…it is really really bad here. We’ve basically lost the leadership of our institutions, the DOJ, the FBI, and some of the others, it’s embarrassing. They don’t stand up for the American people.”

5. Eagle Forum subpoenaed for backing law banning minors’ transition surgeries 

  • The Eagle Forum of Alabama was a supporter of legislation in the state, the Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion And Protection Act, which banned minors from receiving certain treatments or medical procedures to transition their gender. The Eagle Forum has now been subpoenaed by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) due to its support.

  • National Eagle Forum president Kristin A. Ullman has responded to the subpoenas, saying, “At stake here is the ability of all private citizen advocates and non-profit advocacy organizations to engage in the legislative process regardless of their viewpoint.” In a press release from Eagle Forum of Alabama, the organization said that the subpoena “is broad, intrusive, and meant to harass.”

4. Biden needs more coronavirus relief funds

  • $22 billion more in coronavirus relief funds have been requested by President Joe Biden in the government funding bill, but many Republicans have criticized the request, with U.S. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) saying, “Rather than asking Congress for even more money now, it is high time for the Administration to be fully transparent about funds spent and balances remaining.”

  • There have been claims that additional funds are needed to buy more coronavirus vaccines and coronavirus tests. U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-Pa.) said, “If there is any desire for fiscal responsibility in this administration, it is not evident. We’ve spent trillions already, before we spent more we need full accounting of how that money was spent and how much is left.”

3. The amount of children visiting the ER has increased

  • As children have returned to school, emergency room visits have increased to more than 200 children going to the Children’s of Alabama hospital per day. The assistant professor of pediatric medicine Dr. Shaundra Blakemore has said it’s “an unusually high volume of patients for this time of year.” Still, the number of patients is 67% lower than it was last year at this time when the Delta variant was dominant.

  • Blakemore added that some of the issues are children being back in school and spreading illnesses, but the coronavirus is also a contributor. Blakemore indicated that the largest issue with the increased number of emergency visits is that those with less serious issues will have to wait longer to be seen.

2. Trump was keeping documents he said exonerated him

  • President Donald Trump reportedly told his aides near the end of his presidency that he wanted to keep copies of documents he felt exonerated him from the claims of Russian collusion. Trump believed that incoming President Joe Biden was part of the “Deep State” and would “shred” the evidence clearing him.

  • Trump has also said he believed that FBI agents were seeking “Russia, Russia, Russia hoax” documents when speaking about the raid at Mar-a-Lago. Former Pentagon chief of staff Kash Patel has said Trump had reportedly sought his help finding Russia “collusion” material that his White House had already sent to the National Archives as his administration wound down.

1. Marshall has shown some support for prosecuting doctors who perform abortions

  • After the Veterans Administration announced it will provide abortion access to veterans and their families in every state, including those that have banned abortion, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has indicated that he will prosecute doctors who perform abortions. This battle over the VA’s decision has been brewing since the decision to provide abortions was announced.

  • Marshall said, “For this administration, there is nothing more important than attempting to bully conservative states on every major issue, including abortion…I have no intention of abdicating my duty to enforce the Unborn Life Protection Act against any practitioner who unlawfully conducts abortions in the State of Alabama. The power of states to protect unborn life is settled.”

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