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7 Things: Britt and Tuberville split on funding bill; Democrats’ abortion fetish continues; and more …

7. After being praised by the statewide media for throwing his career away, gaining national TV time on Kaitlan Collins’ CNN show, and having Read Freely Alabama raise very little money for him, fired and embarrassed former Autauga/Prattville Library Board Library Director Andrew Foster wants his job back. Foster also wants an apology but that seems unlikely after he recorded the library board, fought their decisions on book “weeding,” and took the side of degenerates pushing for filth in Alabama’s libraries ultimately cost him his job, and the job of multiple ridiculous co-workers.

6. Fatties may be protected, this bill seems like a heavy lift for State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) who has decided to take on this gargantuan task of protecting plus-size people from what she calls discrimination. This expanding issue could fatten up lawyers’ wallets and place a hefty meal on the plate of business owners who will have to plump up their locations and to take on this meaty issues.

5. More in-vitro fertilization legislation is possible, according to some lawmakers, but the willingness to take on a debate that broadens the gulf between strictly pro-life Republicans, Republicans who are less married to that cause, and pro-abortion advocates. Regardless, bills will be introduced and, if they get voted on, people will have to go on the record on this contentious issue some want to go away.

4. Alabama could have some new healthcare options and lawmakers appear to have some issues with it, State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) wants the Alabama Farmers Federation (ALFA) to be able to offer plans that allow people to share healthcare costs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama does not like this because it creates some competition, while others note that is not actually health insurance..

3. A terror attack in Russia, that was believed to be committed by ISIS-K, has been blamed on the CIA, Israel, and Ukraine. The media also is very upset that people that killed almost 200 people and then were tortured, including shocking one’s genitals and making one allegedly eat their own ear.

2. Alabama’s No. 2 Democrat has stumbled upon a completely insane, stupid, and evil discussion on abortion. Vice Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party Tabitha Isner claims that pro-lifers hate children because they are sinful … seriously. Oddly enough, no other Alabama Democrats will be asked about whether they believe this idiotic nonsense, not the people running for Congress nor Marilyn Lands who is campaigning for a special election and running predominantly on abortion.

1. The latest vote to avoid a government shutdown by Congress took place Saturday morning as the U.S. Senate voted 74-24 to accept a funding bill through the end of the fiscal year that spends $1.2 trillion. Alabama’s U.S. senators were split on the vote with Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) voting “yes” and Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) voting “no” after the Alabama House delegation voted along party lines 6-1 against the measure.

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