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Zeigler: The birth of Christ changed the world

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” At least, that is what the song claims. Is it, though? I choose to believe that it can be.

In this busiest of seasons, people take joy in helping others. There are toy drives and food drives; there are visits to nursing homes and hospitals. We reach out and help the unfortunate. We show our concern for each other in countless ways at Christmas because that is the focus of Christmas — showing Christ’s love.

When God sent Jesus to the earth in the form of a helpless infant, He demonstrated the unfathomable depth of His love for us. Even knowing that Jesus would be rejected and mocked and eventually killed, God still willingly sent His precious son. When we share ourselves with those we love, and especially with those we do not know, we are celebrating Christmas in its most real sense.

We celebrate Christmas with gifts, lights, music and feasts. When we remember the one small child whose birth changed the world, we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the best possible way — by sharing God’s love with a hurting world.

Jim Zeigler has been Alabama State Auditor since January 2015.

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