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Woman loses eye in accident, replaces it with ‘Bama’ artificial eye

WBRC FOX6 – Birmingham, AL – WBRC.com
(Video Above: Fox 6 WBRC interviews Mary Bama Farr)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — To what lengths would you go to make sure everyone you encounter knows exactly which SEC team you cheer for? An Tennessee Volunteers decal on your car? A Auburn Tigers tattoo across your back? What about a glass eye with “BAMA” written across the iris?

That’s exactly what one Crimson Tide fan did after losing her eye in a plane crash.

“Why not?” Farr told Fox 6 WBRC in a segment that aired Monday night. “I mean if you have to have any eye, a fake eye, you might as well have one that says ‘Bama’ on it. I’m wearing it for every game this year.”

University of Alabama alumna Mary Farr is about as big of a Bama fan as it gets. “In my house, there’s nothing orange,” she said

Farr, who is in her 70s, graduated from Alabama in the 1960s. Her full name? Mary Bama Farr.

That’s right. Her middle name is Bama, after her grandmother whose name was “Alabama.” Could she really root for anyone else?

Farr also recently overcame a brain tumor. Between the tumor and the plane crash, the septuagenarian seems unstoppable.

“I’ve been through a lot of stuff. But I’m telling you I love the Crimson Tide. They are the best,” Farr said. “It’s God, family and the Crimson Tide for me.”

Check out Mary Bama Farr’s full interview with Fox 6 in the video above.

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