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Will it be déjà vu for Alabama Republicans?

Have you ever heard of Cara McClure? Odds are that after this Tuesday’s election you will become very familiar with her name.

While most of the attention about the election of Public Service Commission (PSC) Place 1 has been focused on the lewd comments and actions of candidate Jim Bonner, the real winner in all of this is Ms. McClure. She is running as the lone Democrat in the race.

We are going to make a prediction; if Jim (not Jo) Bonner were allowed to continue with his candidacy and win the Republican primary next Tuesday, we are going to witness a very competitive election for PSC Place 1 in November. One that Cara McClure could win.

A Democrat, in Alabama, winning statewide against a Republican … sound like a recent memory?

Jim Bonner was recently censured by the Republican party of Alabama because of sexist, anti-semitic and racist comments that he’s repeatedly posted online. Additionally, he has filed for bankruptcy, had multiple liens against him and has been drawing disability from the federal government. However, he has been well enough to run for public office in every cycle for the past 8 years. The campaign finances from his previous unsuccessful bids for office are in as much disarray as his personal finances.

Over the last two weeks, he’s appeared on multiple radio shows and thumbed his nose at those who have voiced their outrage for his comments and outright disgusting behavior. He’s chalked it up to over-sensitive liberals. Truth is, he’s really turned off a large base of Alabama’s GOP and that showed in the action taken by its steering committee just this week.

Cara McClure, on the other hand, has run a campaign straight out of the Doug Jones playbook. Quietly, she is sitting back and letting her most likely opponent on the other side of the aisle get all the attention – the kind of attention she wants him to receive. McClure is the founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Birmingham and has advocated publicly for designating the Magic City a sanctuary city. She is enjoying national attention for her campaign and appeared recently on MSNBC. This free media will likely continue to benefit her through the November election.

Alabama’s Republican party has started something they need to finish. Or, will Cara McClure be the next Doug Jones?

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