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We love talking about Republicans who don’t like Trump, but what about Alabama Democrats?

In Republican primaries, we’re seeing the argument about who loves Trump the most taking center-stage. With Congressman Mark Sanford in South Carolina it mattered, but with Congressman Mo Brooks in North Alabama it did not, and with Congresswoman Martha Roby’s primary in the Wiregrass it is shaping up to be a race between a Republican who dislikes Trump vs. a former-Democrat who voted for Pelosi.

But in a state like Alabama, where Trump has a 63 percent approval rating, shouldn’t we be asking if Alabama’s statewide Democrats like Trump enough?

Democrat candidate for Governor Walt Maddox voted for Hillary Clinton for president, but Real Talk 99.5’s “Matt and Aunie” asked Maddox if he wished that Hillary Clinton had won:

Matt Murphy: Do you wish Hillary Clinton had won? Yes or No?

Walt Maddox: I voted for Hillary Clinton because there were only two people —

Matt Murphy: No, the question was do you wish Hillary Clinton had won?  It’s a yes or no question, or you can choose not to answer.
Walt Maddox: It’s a yes or no in your mind, not a yes or no in mine because —

Matt Murphy: No, it’s a yes or no question, Walt.

Walt Maddox: Nah, come on, Matt.

Why this matters:

Obviously, Maddox was never going to surprise people about voting for Trump, but he refused to say whether he wanted Hillary Clinton to win? Now, this may be a weird line of questioning, but shouldn’t Maddox’s supporters question why he is so wishy-washy on his party’s nominee? He also won’t answer a question that he clearly has an opinion on.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin knows that running in a pro-Trump state means he has to lean towards Trump. He might even endorse him.

Doesn’t Maddox need Trump voters?

Shouldn’t the same journalists who are writing story after story after story on Martha Roby’s Trump “issues” be asking Maddox where he stands? Shouldn’t he be forced to explain his answer and tell people where he stands?

I doubt they would accept this kind of stuff from Maddox if he was a Republican.

Listen to the full interview here:

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN

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