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A Yellowhammer News initiative connecting businesses with people in order to solve workforce development challenges.

Employers in Alabama are facing labor market shortages, inflation, reskilling challenges, supply chain delays, and many more workforce development problems.

As the premier media outlet in the state with a platform that includes business, community, and governmental leaders, Yellowhammer is positioned to offer our readers education and opportunities. Connect to your Future is the bridge between Alabama workforce challenges and solutions.

University of Alabama to train needed workforce for water operations and forecasting

The University of Alabama has been awarded $3 million from the National Science Foundation to establish a unique hydrologic science research and training program for graduate students. The NSF Research...

Gov. Kay Ivey recognizes AM/NS Calvert for its workplace learning program

It is often said that it takes a village to accomplish a desired outcome of an undertaking that would be difficult for any one...

Attraction and retainment of talent a key component of economic support found in Innovate Alabama report

Attracting and retaining skilled workers continues to be a major hurdle facing Alabama employers. As the state's economy has experienced unprecedented growth in recent...

Alabama Workforce Council releases updated regional workforce profiles

All issues related to workforce development continue to be at the forefront of economic development discussions. While working to confront challenges related to the...

Dr. Daniel Sutter: Why are Americans avoiding work?

Inflation is currently America’s most pressing economic concern, but I believe that our disappearing workers pose a greater long-term challenge. Almost four million fewer Americans...

Successful on-the-job training lands 22-year-old a golden opportunity

When seeking employment opportunities, job seekers become discouraged to find that employers oftentimes prefer candidates with years of experience in a particular field of...

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