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WATCH: Alabama high school’s incredible version of ‘The Greatest Showman’ song

I didn’t think I could love the music from the fantastic movie “The Greatest Showman” any more than I already do … until I saw this music video created by “Mr. Moody’s Sociology class” at Mary G. Montgomery High School in Semmes, Ala.

“Mr. Moody’s Sociology class explores the relationship of the various cliques and how they differ from one another but more importantly how they all have issues they deal with in school. We decided to also include a lighter side of situations where new teachers have the tough task of trying to incorporate an educational environment that creates a sense of inclusion for all the groups. To create an environment where everyone feels accepted and proud to be a part of their school,” reads the YouTube video’s description.


The movie features Mary G. Montgomery students from a variety of school groups and clubs including ROTC, cheerleading, football, basketball and volleyball teams, drama, band, choir, RHO KAPPA, and others.

Also incredibly cool: The video was shot on an iPhone 8 plus using something called a DJI OSMO Gimbal (I just bought this gadget myself this week and can’t wait to figure it out) and a drone.

Most impressive of all: Look how happy and engaged these kids look. No too-cool-for-schoolers in this video. Something tells me this is, indeed, one of Alabama’s greatest schools and “Mr. Moody” might just be a contender for the greatest teacher.