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Wacko Environmentalists Working to Halt Job Creation in Alabama

UPDATE: Sensitive information from The Southern Environmental Law Center has been leaked online and is spreading like wildfire across the internet.

CBS 42 Reports:

“An enormous breach of confidential information in the greater birmingham area…is exploding on the internet. It’s highly sensitive data from the Southern Environmental Law Center. We’re talking about credit card information, medical information and donor information. The data is easily accessible with a simple google search. The sensitive information details addresses, phone, numbers, and client files.

The southern environmental law center has released this statement.

We have reported it to the fbi, and will take any action necessary to address the breach and the unauthorized release of confidential information.”
“The SELC has been the victim of a major internet security breach in which highly confidential information was taken without consent or authorization.”

Anyone who has traveled around Birmingham has likely benefited from the 459 loop that goes around the southern perimeter of the city. Not only does it save time by allowing travelers to bypass downtown traffic, 459 has also made the suburban areas south of the city some of the fastest growing, most prosperous areas of our state. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand the excitement that accompanied the announcement of the Northern Beltline which promised to do the same for the areas north of Birmingham.

The Northern Beltline will be a 52-mile highway around northwest Birmingham. A massive development project like the this is an instant job creator. The construction on the project immediately injects new jobs into the area, and the businesses that pop up along it over time create sustained development over decades.

The University of Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research’s economic impact study predicts the Beltline will create 70,000 jobs during the construction phase and 21,000 permanent jobs around Birmingham’s new suburban ring. With $4.7 billion being allocated to the project, this sounds like a huge win for Alabama’s economy.

Then comes along the Southern Environmental Law Center.

The SELC basically goes around looking for people to sue to stop pollution, man-made global warming, and progress in general. In 2010, the SELC even sued the U.S. Navy on behalf of whales in the Gulf of Mexcio in an attempt to stop submarine training off the coast of northern Florida.

The Southern Environmental Law Center is now carrying their radical environmental agenda right down into our backyard and are trying to stop the Northern Beltline from bringing prosperity to the folks in Jefferson County. They’ve set up shop in Birmingham and are once again using lawsuits as a weapon to stop growth.

The last thing we need is environmental wackos from out-of-state coming in to stifle job creation. In the middle of America’s disastrous Obama-economy, Alabama has kicked and scrapped to churn out economic growth at a faster rate than most other states — thanks in large part to the pro-growth policies of Republicans in power. It’s not surprising then that we have become the target of leftwing environmental groups and Obama’s EPA which work in concert to stifle job creation when they don’t approve.

If we allow the Southern Environmental Law Center to be successful in Birmingham, this will only embolden them to spread their efforts across the state to stop other major development projects.

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