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TVA initiating rolling blackouts across North Alabama

Due to the continued increased demand on the electric system caused by the extremely cold temperatures, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has initiated mandatory electric load reduction.

This extraordinary situation may temporarily impact power to homes and businesses.

The curtailment impacts all 153 local power companies of TVA across the entire Tennessee Valley. The forthcoming intermittent power outages will occur across the utilities’ service area in approximately 30-minute intervals. All customers in TVA’s service area in North Alabama could be affected.
In a post on Twitter, the utility explained the mandate:

Local electric providers across the region have issued statements that rolling blackouts are now mandated due to TVA issuing what is known as “Step 50 in its Emergency Load Curtailment Program.”

The area of Alabama served by TVA includes portions of 17 counties in northern region of the state.

Customers are still asked to continue voluntary curtailment by limiting their electric use to essential items only.
  • Rotating power interruptions will affect traffic signals in the current outage area. If the signal is not working at an intersection, please treat it as a four-way stop.
  • Lower thermostats by just one or two degrees – public safety is of utmost importance during dangerously cold weather, so don’t make big adjustments but every degree can help save on future power bills.
  • Delay doing laundry or running a dishwasher until the warmest part of the day, and turn off unnecessary lights and electronics.
  • Open window coverings on the sunny side of homes and offices to let the sun heat your home, but close window coverings when the sun isn’t brightly shining.

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