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Sen. Tuberville says Caitlyn Jenner ‘fully supportive’ of his Title IX efforts

House and Senate Republicans have been trying to pass the Protection of Women in Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) and would bar biological men from competing in women’s sports.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who introduced companion legislation in the Senate, appeared on the Rick and Bubba Show and talked about the issue, saying that he even often speaks with Caitlyn Jenner on the issue, who wholeheartedly agrees with him.

“We’ve got today even Lia Thomas (Penn transgender swimmer) now saying that he wants to compete against women in the Olympics. Even Caitlyn Jenner saying that this is nothing but narcissism and that biological males competing against biological females is absurd,” host Rick Burgess said to Tuberville.

“You know, I talk to Caitlyn Jenner about once a month and she is all against this,” Tuberville (R-Auburn) said. “She is all against men playing in women’s sports. Because she knows, she understands. This is a non-starter for most people in this country.

“We put this legislation forward because now the boxing committee in the Olympics has decided to let men box against women in the Olympics, I mean you can’t make it up. Somebody is gonna get hurt. And they won’t listen to us, (Sen. Chuck) Schumer won’t bring it to the floor. He’s a clown.”

Tuberville went on to state that he even asks female Democratic senators what they think and that surely they cannot support men competing in women’s sports.

“I even go to the Democrat women senators and ask them ‘Surely to goodness you don’t believe this, don’t you have a daughter, don’t you have granddaughters? What are you thinking voting for this?'” he said. “And they can’t give you a reason, it’s the Democrat way.”

Tuberville said he plans to remain at the forefront of this issue as legislation evolves.

Michael Brauner is a Senior Sports Analyst and Contributing Writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @MBraunerWNSP

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