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Tuberville begins first TV advertising of runoff — ‘Jeff Sessions quit on the president’

Tommy Tuberville’s campaign for Senate went up on television Monday with its first television advertising campaign of the runoff.

The former Auburn coach’s spots will be airing for the next 10 days exclusively on Fox News in Alabama. The ad being aired will hit former Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his relationship with President Donald Trump.

“Three years ago this [past] Sunday Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Mueller probe,” Tuberville campaign manager Paul Shashy told Yellowhammer News about the timing.

The ad buy was first reported by the company Medium Buying’s Twitter account on Friday.

The Tuberville campaign tells Yellowhammer the primary ad being played will be a spot Team Tuberville first premiered on March 31 that is named “Disaster.”

The piece hits Sessions over his actions as attorney general during the first year of the Trump presidency when he recused himself from an investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia.

Featured heavily in the spot is a clip of Trump saying that appointing Jeff Sessions to be attorney general is the one thing he would most like to change about his presidency so far.

“Jeff Sessions quit on the president, and he failed Alabama,” Tuberville says in the ad. “I’ll always have President Trump’s back. We’ll drain the swamp, build a wall, no amnesty ever.”

Sessions has maintained his recusal was ethically necessary because he played a prominent role in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“We want to remind voters that Coach Tuberville is a strong supporter of the President—unlike Jeff Sessions, who let down Trump and the state of Alabama,” added Shashy.

Details on the amount of money being put behind the advertising push were not available.

The Republican primary runoff is July 14.

Henry Thornton is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can contact him by email: henry@new-yhn.local or on Twitter @HenryThornton95