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Sessions fires opening salvo in Senate floor debate on immigration reform

Above: Highlights from Sen. Jeff Sessions speaking on the floor of the Senate during debate on “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill.

WASHINGTON – On Friday morning, Sen. Jeff Sessions took the immigration debate to floor of the U.S. Senate to explain all the flaws with the recent immigration bill proposal that made its way out of the Senate Judiciary Committee late last week, despite his best efforts.

The bill, negotiated by the so-called “Gang of Eight,” was crafted in the interests of big labor and corporate America according to the Alabama Republican, and not the best interest of the U.S. economy or the American citizens.

“Who made the deal? Whose deal is this?” Sessions asked. “Who was in the deal-making process?”

Sessions detailed the uphill battle he faced in committee during the bill’s mark-up, noting that no substantial changes were allowed during the amendment process.

“We’ll talk about in the days and weeks to come what’s in the bill and why it fails,” he said. “And I can share with you how it is that we came to have such a flawed bill before us. And we need to understand that as we go forward. So I’m amazed that the ‘Gang of Eight’ has sent such legislation forward.”

Even when an acceptable amendment was put forward, Sessions noted committee members would reject it because it would upset the “Gang of Eight” deal.

“It was an odd thing and repeatedly members not even in the ‘Gang of Eight’ would say, ‘I like this amendment, but I can’t vote for it because I understand it upsets the deal,” he added.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Senate will vote on the immigration bill before July 4.

Sessions’ full remarks can be seen below.

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