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‘Bentley was framed!’ — Rick & Bubba producer performs hilarious original song

(Video above: Chris Adler sings “Bentley was framed!”)

What do O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Richard Nixon, the Unabomber and Robert Bentley have in common?

According to Rick & Bubba producer Chris Adler, they were all framed.

Governor Bentley is enduring the biggest scandal of his administration after Yellowhammer News released audio evidence that the governor has engaged in a long-running affair with his senior advisor, Rebekah Mason.

Numerous elected officials have called on the governor to resign, but he says he has no plans to step aside, and Mrs. Mason remains on the job, along with her husband, who also works in the administration.

Of all the local, state and national media pundits weighing in on the mess, Adler may have the best take of all.

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