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Tuberville: I ‘thank God every day that we got Donald Trump elected’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville appeared on “The Rick and Bubba Show” this week, talking more about his candidacy and belief system while commenting on some current national events. He also made a major pledge during the interview, which occurred live at the annual Regions Tradition golf tournament in Hoover.

Tuberville opened the show by saying he intends to be a “strong candidate” before telling co-hosts Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey why he decided to forgo his comfortable retirement to run for public office.

“This world and our country has lost it,” the former Auburn University head football coach said. “Thank God, and I do thank God every day that we got Donald Trump elected two years ago. I could not imagine where we would be today had he not got elected.”

He continued, “My son asked me when he was running, ‘Dad…[are] you going to vote for him?’ I said, ‘Yeah, here’s two reasons: he’s a patriot and he doesn’t need your money.’ He is going to do it his way, and I’m telling you, he’s done an outstanding job — even with all the swamp and the media after him every day.”

Tuberville then gave an urgent call to action for Americans to rally behind Trump’s re-election.

“And he has, I’m telling you now, he has got to win. All other elections are off, I mean he has got to win the next election,” he emphasized. “He’s got to get four more years.”

“Then of course, I want to go to the Senate to help him,” Tuberville added, explaining part of his motivation for running. “I’m not a politician, don’t want to be one. I’m an outsider like him (Trump). I’m a Christian conservative. I’m pro-life.”

He then remarked that he wanted the government to “quit spending money.”

Tuberville also slammed Congress’ inability to pass budgets on time every year, saying, “I’m so sick of it.”

“I’m somebody – I’ve always believed this, hey, get a budget up there, pass it or you don’t get paid,” he commented. “Do your job, do your job in the Congress.”

This is one of the things he intends to focus on if elected. Tuberville also announced that he will not take a salary. A source directly familiar has confirmed to Yellowhammer News that Tuberville will donate his salary to charity, much like Trump donates his salary to a different cause or government department each quarter.

“I’ve got a chance, and I don’t need the money. I’m going to go up there and work for free. And I’m going to go up there and make my name known for the people of the state of Alabama,” Tuberville told The Rick and Bubba Show.

He also joked about the state having Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) has its current junior senator.

“[The] people of Alabama want a conservative, I don’t know how we got the Democrat up there. It just happened to work out that way,” Tuberville said.

However, Jones being in his current seat is a serious problem, as Tuberville explained.

“He almost cost us a Supreme Court justice,” the Republican lamented, adding that the “main job” of a president and a senator “is to get great American judges in office.”

Tuberville praised the nominations that Trump has made and expressed confidence in the president continuing that trend. He said this was another reason that Trump’s re-election is especially vital, stressing that the correct judicial picks getting seated could “save this country” for a “significant” amount of time.

As someone who has been involved with education for 40 years, Tuberville advised that he has witnessed America’s public education system “slowly disintegrate.”

“We took prayer out of the schools in the mid-60’s. [Since] we did that, it’s really gone down hill,” Tuberville lamented.

He then pointed to what he views as unfair treatment of Christians in public schools.

“Let me give y’all a little stat. There’s 10 states, Texas being one of them, that there’s another religion that can have five prayers a day in the school. If we say the Lord’s Prayer, our kids get sent home. Wrong,” Tuberville said. “There’s a double standard in this country, and if we don’t stand up and start speaking out for God, prayer and the values that we need to get back, we’re not going to be a country anymore.”

“Now people need to get their head out of a hole and listen to what’s going on,” he continued. “It is getting bad — and worse.”

Tuberville pointed to the influx of illegal immigrants as a concerted plan to turn places like Texas “blue,” meaning they would vote for Democrats statewide.

“If we lose Texas, and that’s happening — it’s the border, the border… they want to turn it blue, and they’re almost blue now,” he said. “And if they get it blue, they’ll have Texas, California, Illinois, New York and almost Florida. You’ll not see another conservative Republican president in our lifetime if that happens. That oughta scare the heck out of you.”

Tuberville later decried what is happening in big cities across the nation, hitting “sanctuary cities,” before honing in on New York City, where his son works.

“Giuliani and Bloomberg had that place cleaned up, less crime. You go up there now, it’s embarrassing,” he shared, pointing to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is close to jumping into the 2020 primary circus. “There’s trash on the streets, it stinks… the communist mayor they got – de Blasio, who’s going to run for president – I mean he wants everybody to have a home on the streets. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s absolutely embarrassing.”

“Our fathers and parents and grandparents fought for this country, and it’s just amazing,” Tuberville added.

He then made his pro-life views clear.

“You know, we’ve lost 1.5 million in war since the Revolutionary War. 1.5 million. We’ve killed 60 million babies in that same amount of time. 60 million,” Tuberville emphasized. “What the heck are we doing? We have lost it. We have lost our morals, and you [have] people now that want to kill babies after being born?”

Bussey then said America regarding abortion has been “worse” than “Nazi Germany.”

Tuberville also slammed the speaker of British parliament for not allowing Trump to visit, saying America had bailed them out of two world wars and rebuilt their country with American tax dollars.

He then denounced the United States’ growing federal debt, coming out for a balanced budget.

Tuberville then criticized the revolving door of politicians becoming lobbyists.

“Put a stop to that,” he said. “Go home, get you[rself] a real job.”

The co-hosts joked that they were not sure if he was “a genius or crazy.”

“Well, I’ll tell you, I love this country,” Tuberville responded. “I love this state. I love the south. I love college football, I love sports. I love kids, I’ve worked with kids all my life. And it scares me, just watching some of these whack jobs on television in Congress.”

He proceeded to hit President Barack Obama over what Tuberville called “his apology tour.”

“We apologized for being number one,” Tuberville said. “If someone’s got to be number one, and if we’re not – you know, we help every country in the world – and if we can’t survive, then we can’t help them. So, we’ve got to be the leader.”

He said he is “excited” about the campaign.

“I think I can win it,” Tuberville emphasized.

Near the end of the interview, he even addressed speculation that University of Alabama football fans will be less inclined to vote for him. Tuberville also talked about the scourge of political correctness, double standards and activist liberal judges.

Watch the entire interview below, or listen here:

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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