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Rep. Laura Hall: Classroom to Capitol, a lifelong journey of service – 2024 Women of Impact

Alabama State Representative Laura Hall was first elected to House District 19 in 1993, and has enthusiastically served her state with an unwavering commitment to public service ever since. Throughout her tenure, she has tirelessly focused on education, healthcare, and community development initiatives.

It’s no surprise that Rep. Hall is passionate about education — with over three decades of experience in the field, she understands the demands educators face on a daily basis.

After earning a Bachelor of Science from Morris College and a Master’s in Science Education from Ohio State University, Hall went on to serve in various roles in Huntsville City Schools; her longest-serving role spanned 25 years at J.O. Johnson High School.

Hall retired as Assistant to the President for At-Risk Students and Special Projects at Calhoun Community College in Decatur before stepping into her legislative career — but that background laid the groundwork for her desire and passion to improve the educational opportunities in her district.

She has since led several initiatives to promote higher education for underserved groups as well as worked to secure funding for local schools.

She has remained a consistent voice for change in the House of Representatives. Hall was the first African-American woman elected to House District 19, and has since held a steadfast commitment to social services and community development for her constituents.

In 2022, Representative Hall was elected as the 15th president of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL), the nation’s premier organization representing and serving the interests of African American State legislators.

NBCSL, founded in 1977, serves as a national network, advocate and catalyst for public policy innovation, information exchange, and joint action on critical issues affecting African Americans and other marginalized communities. 

“My goal is to engage the over 700 members of our organization that represent over 60 million people and assist them in addressing their state concerns through the workshops we conduct and empower them to individually achieve their objectives as legislators,” said Hall, in an interview with AFRO News.

Hall has also advocated strongly for healthcare initiatives, particularly in vulnerable and underserved populations. She has championed efforts to address health disparities and prioritize accessibility and affordability for her constituents. One such sponsored legislation created a system of “Silver Alerts,” a public notification system used to broadcast information about missing persons, specifically those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Throughout her career, Representative Hall has passionately acted as a beacon of advocacy to give a voice to those who so desperately need it. 

And to educate is to pass the torch to the next generation, in the hopes of making their lives better than the ones who came before.

“While we advocate on behalf of matters facing the Black community, we also see our role as educating our younger and newer members on how to write and pass legislation in their respective states.”

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