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Rep. Leigh Hulsey: Fighting for families and staying true to herself – 2024 Woman of Impact

Representative Leigh Hulsey didn’t start out with aspirations to run for office, but as a leader by nature, she saw an active need in her community and decided to meet it.

Her desire to see her community’s leadership advocate for those raising families became a catalyst to her winning the Alabama House of Representatives seat for District 15 and being chosen as the House Republican Caucus’ freshman leader. 

With her “get up and do something about it” attitude, Hulsey was first elected to Helena City Council in 2008. After noticing herself and many families struggling with the same challenges, she decided to step up saying, “It was a way I could contribute. If I can make something better, just step up and do it.” So, she did. 

During her time as councilwoman, Hulsey continued to be active in her community as a local business owner. CrossFit Alabaster was born out of a passion for health but also offered Hulsey an opportunity to grow as a leader and mentor. 12 years in the male-dominated fitness industry built a foundation for Hulsey to thrive in politics on the state level as she does today. 

As owner of CrossFit Alabaster, Hulsey’s aptitude for health motivates her to stay fit for whatever life puts in front of her. About her beginnings with CrossFit, Hulsey remarks, “it’s a business and huge community. I love helping others figure out how they can grow and succeed in things, which plays out in this workplace and in the gym.” 

Ultimately, her goal is to “help people get to a place of health and stay there.” A value that stretches far beyond just physical fitness. As it relates to quality of life, Hulsey enjoys “being a part of people’s path to gain it.” 

Throughout her career in two male-dominated industries, Hulsey has found Alabama to be a place of respect. “God gives us the ability to move in spaces and be blessed in spaces where you might be the odd man out, but I have had nothing but complete respect.” 

Faith plays a large part in her regimen for staying equipped as a leader. Through prayer, Hulsey is always seeking the correct wisdom to serve others well.” She looks to the Bible as a template for loving and serving people. Hulsey’s heart remains hopeful as she prayerfully and carefully honors the people she serves. 

Anything but a stereotypical politician, sitting down for lunch or coffee is Hulsey’s preferred way to meet the felt needs of her constituents. As the representative of both rural and urban populations, Hulsey says “my goal is for shared understanding.” Because of the very different needs of each population, she finds it important to “take time to listen; to learn and grow by being willing to sit down and have conversations with people. Some of those conversations have produced fun and unique relationships.” 

As a transparent public servant, Hulsey welcomes the opportunity to explain her positions, votes, decisions, and to provide information from the source when “people often get information from so many different sources that aren’t always accurate.”

Her approach to leadership as a female in the political space stems from staying true to herself and her convictions. 

Hulsey says “men and women are wired differently — but I value both roles tremendously. We are meant to complement one another in all spaces. When you sit in this specific space, you vote on all types of topics and it’s valuable to have both genders represented for their different viewpoints on tackling issues.” 

However, she believes wholeheartedly that “women should have a seat at the table.” Championing women’s sense of understanding for their own unique experiences, Hulsey notes “it’s intuitive for us to be nurturing, to care, and to provide as wives, mothers, friends, and businesswomen.” 

Hulsey has worked on a variety of projects but mentions her first piece of legislation as an accomplishment she can be proud of. 

“My first piece of legislation was a sensory act for individuals with invisible disabilities – equipping law enforcement with training on how to interact and de-escalate when needed.” 

Building on her work as councilwoman, Hulsey first started the process with her local law enforcement in collaboration with Kulture City. Following the successful training, Helena Mayor continued the momentum, and all the city staff was trained. Now, because of Hulsey’s personal experience with a disabled child of her own, progress is being advocated for at the state level. 

For Hulsey, when asked about what’s next for her district, she noted the answer is more layered than just one thing. “There’s so many diverse concerns, there’s not an overarching thing but several things. One that’s always front and center is the infrastructure – finding resources to improve the infrastructure to support the quality of life to get to and from work, ultimately back to their families.” 

It all comes back to family for Hulsey. 

“Protecting core family values for different people is unique and fun! I get to work in education, transportation, health care, economic development, etc.” 

As someone with many passions, a seat in the Alabama House of Representatives suits her well. As a 2024 Woman of Impact, Hulsey is moving the needle for families and beyond in Alabama, continuing to be the best advocate for her kids, and continuing to couple her faith with any job she takes on.

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