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Rep. Joseph Mitchell: Some white people have the power to kill us

Rep. Joseph Mitchell made national and international headlines earlier this week when our story about his racially charged email correspondence with an Alabama citizen went viral.

An internet poll posted by AL.com asked if Rep. Mitchell should resign over his comments. A staggering 89.4% of over 12,000 respondents said “yes.” But in spite of the public outcry, Rep. Mitchell has since doubled down on his remarks via social media. “I am a descendent of a run-away slave. If you have problems with THAT, then it’s YOUR PROBLEM,” he wrote on his Facebook account.

And a quick look through his Facebook account revealed a long history of inflammatory remarks.

Here’s a quick look inside Rep. Mitchell’s Facebook account.

He addresses calls for his resignation by saying, “We do not need ‘leadership’ to go no place.”

He also wants to make it clear that not enough time is being spent in schools teaching the “importance of blackness.”

And as you scroll down through his profile, it becomes clear that this most recent incident is far from the first time Rep. Mitchell has shared his perspective on issues of race in politics and pop culture. In one post, he shares his concerns about “some white people who have the power to kills us.”

Around the time the GOP’s landmark education reform bill passed, Mitchell appeared to blame the Tea Party and said they are well on their way to taking us back to 1901. He also wasn’t impressed with most of his white Democrat colleagues.

He also alleges that some “white folk” were engaging in some unsavory campaign tactics during the Presidential campaign…

…and expressed concerns that the “skanks” were trying to steal the election.

Although some of his colleagues have distanced themselves from his remarks, there have been no calls from the Democrat side of the aisle for Mitchell to resign. What say you, Alabama Democrat Party Chairman Mark Kennedy?