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Rep. Jerry Carl: Supporting the security of our nation

The Biden Administration has proven time again to be working against the American people. This past week I fought for our law enforcement officers, our greatest Middle Eastern ally, and the American people. Our law enforcement is strained, and Biden’s border crisis is only making it worse. Israel is fighting for its mere existence, and Joe Biden turned his back on Israel—endangering national security at home and abroad. 

This past week, we honored our brave law enforcement officers and passed legislation to protect police during National Police Week. As Democrats push for defunding the police and being soft on crime, I stood up for the men and women in blue. Earlier this year in New York City, a mob of migrants savagely beat two police officers. Only half of the assailants were even arrested, and not long after, they were released without bail. This is just one example of heinous crimes against cops, and Democrat response to migrant criminal activity. 

Biden has made every state a border state, which has put our officers up against the surge of illegal migrants. Nationally, police officers have been subject to extreme violence against them by noncitizens. Not only should illegal immigrations not be able to reside in our nation, but they should not be assaulting our officers. I voted for the Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act to remove those migrants who commit crimes against our officers.   

President Biden threatened to withhold weapons and aid from Israel if they engaged in Rafah, a territory with a high presence and influence of Hamas terrorists. This Administration’s anti-Israel policies only aid in Hamas’ mission—to destroy the people of Israel. In April, my colleagues and I passed aid to bolster Israel’s ability to defend itself from attacks. Due to Biden’s threats to withhold aid, we passed the Israel Security Assistance Support Act to ensure that our greatest ally would receive the help they need. The Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council will not receive any funds until weapons and other aid are efficiently delivered to Israel. I have always stood with Israel, and I will unapologetically continue to do so. 

The Biden Administration continues to put Americans last by jeopardizing our national security, and I am continuing to fight to secure America. Police officers have increasingly been subject to hate and violence, yet they devote their lives to the protection of our nation. Biden turning his back on Israel only empowers Hamas, and we will not stand for that. Our officers, allies, and citizens deserve more than a weak, un-American Administration, and my colleagues and I remain committed to working for the American people. 

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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