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Rep. Jerry Carl: Fixing Biden’s border crisis

It is no secret our southern border is out of control. When President Biden came into office, our border was intact with policies to stop migrants from entering and staying in our country illegally.

Now, under Biden we have had over 9.6 million illegal immigrant encounters nationwide, and the vast majority of these are at our southern border. Because of this, our news headlines are filled with heinous crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Many times, these criminals were caught by Border Patrol agents and just let go. Consistently, Republicans are demanding that Biden shut down the border, yet no real action has been taken by this Administration. 

Back in August 2023, 37-year-old Rachel Morin was murdered by an El Salvadorian immigrant who came to our country illegally. The mother of five was hiking along a trail in Maryland when Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez assaulted, raped, and killed her. He was recently arrested in a bar in Oklahoma and denied bail due to the severity of his crimes. The death of five children’s mother could have been prevented if this illegal migrant had not been here. 

Border security is national security. New York is not a southern border state, yet in broad daylight, a 13-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered at knifepoint by Ecuadorian migrant, Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi. It was confirmed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that Inga-Landi was caught illegally crossing the border and let go in Eagle Pass, TX in 2021.

Most recently, two illegal Venezuelan migrants murdered a 12-year-old girl in Houston and left her body in a creek. The lives of these three victims were lost at the hands of open border policies.   

Biden’s border crisis affects us all, and every community is now a border community. From Houston to New York to Maryland, preventable crimes are happening every day. House Republicans passed H.R. 2, the strongest bill ever to combat the crisis at the southern border, yet Biden continues to watch criminals, drugs, and traffickers flood into our country. These crimes show just how dangerous open borders can be, and I will remain steadfast in our fight to make our nation safer. 

This week, my colleagues and I will be voting to pass the FY25 Homeland Appropriations Bill to stop Far Left border policies from infiltrating and destroying our communities. 

Biden’s border catastrophe cost taxpayers $150.7 billion last year. House Republicans and I included $600 million of funding to construct the southern border wall and nearly $5 billion to remove dangerous criminals who are already in the United States. Not only will the Homeland Appropriations Bill provide the resources for Border Patrol and ICE, but it will force our non-elected bureaucrats like, Secretary Mayorkas, to adhere to the laws that are currently in place.

Protecting Americans from external threats like illegal migrants is one of my top priorities, and I will continue fighting to secure and restore order at our southern border. 

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina. 

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