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Rep. Jerry Carl: Fighting for government transparency

The American people are sick and tired of a weaponized justice system that hoards vital information about our elected officials.

In early February, Special Counsel Robert Hur issued an investigation around President Joe Biden sharing classified documents and information while he was a private citizen after his vice presidency. These documents included sensitive military information, such as detailed intelligence on operations in Afghanistan. Hur also revealed Biden’s memory is significantly impaired, stating that Biden could not even remember the timing of his son Beau’s death or his vice presidency. 

Biden angrily denied ever sharing classified documents and having any memory issues. Three House Committees, including the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, the Judiciary Committee, and the Committee on Ways and Means, requested these documents, materials, and tapes be released to Congress for the Biden impeachment inquiry. Not surprisingly, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice refuse to hand over the audiotapes of Hur’s conversations with Biden to Congress.  

Garland’s refusal to comply with the Congressional subpoena to provide the audiotapes is outrageous. The President has exercised an “executive privilege” in his refusal to release the audio recording. Finding the truth about this Administration seems to be nearly impossible. The Department of Justice is acting as if they are above the law, but they are not. Garland is neglecting his legal responsibility and will be held in contempt in Congress. 

The American people deserve government transparency. The Biden Administration is hiding something, and it is obvious that the President’s memory is severely impaired, which is one of the many reasons he is unfit to be Commander in Chief. House Republicans and I are holding Biden’s unelected bureaucrats and Merrick Garland accountable for their refusal to comply with the Congressional subpoena in releasing materials related to Hur’s investigation. 

It is obvious the White House has a false narrative of its own to hide information and lie to the American people. Between using our justice system against President Trump and hiding essential information about Biden’s actions with classified documents, this Administration clearly does not serve the will of the American people. Taxpaying citizens deserve to know if their elected officials are engaging in criminal activity or if their President is mentally capable of leading the nation, and I am committed to fighting for transparency and government accountability. 

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina. 

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