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Rep. Jerry Carl: Sham trial against former President Trump

The conviction of former President Donald Trump was not only shameful for the Democratic Party but also a sad day for America.

President Trump was found guilty on 34 different counts due to the weaponization of our justice system under the Biden Administration. This Administration has had a lengthy history of using our courts against individual American people, but political prosecution of President Trump affects us all.

I am disturbed that this Administration and the Left have taken this route to cheat and win the Presidency, but I am certain truth will prevail in our favor. 

The whole case is a sham initiated, swayed, and heavily influenced by the Left. From the start, parties involved in prosecuting President Trump have contributed to Biden’s 2020 campaign and other radical Leftist organizations. Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan District Attorney campaign was heavily funded by Far-Left Democrat billionaire George Soros.

Judge Merchan, overseer of the case, donated to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, along with his daughter who raised millions for Far-Left foundations. From the start, their agendas and campaigns have been run to take down President Trump. The Constitution grants all people the right to a fair trial, but President Trump was deprived of this right because they know he will win. 

Their abuse of the justice system is so blatant that they do not even try to hide their motives. George Soros’s son and heir, Alexander Soros, posted on social media urging everyone to take every opportunity to refer to President Trump as a ‘convicted felon.’ The American people will not fall for the lies and campaign interference. 

The sham case seemed to be a relief and a win for spiteful Far-Left cheaters, but Trump’s campaign website crashed from the amount of financial support he received from outraged Americans. Sadly, I am not surprised the Biden Administration seeks the downfall of the United States. They have proven themselves to be destructive time again, but to illegally tear down a political opponent will make an ugly mark in our history books forever. 

I still have faith that our justice system will prevail, and President Trump’s charges will be dropped in a higher court. The American people both desperately want and need Trump back in the White House, and I am confident millions of Americans will make their voices heard in November. I have no doubt President Trump will conquer Biden’s border crisis and restore America back from the economic destruction caused by this Administration.

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina. 

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