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Rep. Jerry Carl: Biden’s ‘America Last’ agenda

The Biden Administration is totally out of control, and American people are hurting the worst.

Biden’s regulations have noticeably burdened the American people in so many ways, including reducing consumer choice and small business success. This Administration has exploited their authority and brought agency regulations into American homes.

President Biden has abused the Department of Energy’s power to encourage efficient energy use and production by setting up unreasonable standards, which result in extremely costly appliances that do not work nearly as well.

Additionally, President Biden’s National Labor Relations Board has mandated that companies are liable for their franchisees in many ways, despite most companies having minimal roles in franchisee operations. This rule makes companies have a larger, unnecessary hand in individual storefronts. The American franchise model has worked well for decades but will be wrecked by increased regulation. 

House Republicans are fighting hard against Biden’s regulatory overreach and abuse of power.

Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko introduced H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, which will protect American families from the DOE’s absurd efficiency standards. This legislation safeguards consumer choice and prevents further DOE overreach. Unpractical regulations like these have taken money out of already shrunken American pockets for no good reason. 

Biden and the NLRB’s joint-employer liability rule have hindered small business growth and stepped too far into the American franchise model. This rule reduces job opportunities and raises consumer costs at a time that Americans simply cannot afford it.

Republican Rep. John James introduced H.J. Res. 98, which would repeal this rule, protect small businesses, and preserve the economically efficient franchise model. Not surprisingly, this bipartisan legislation was vetoed by President Biden. 

The interests of the American people are consistently put last by President Biden. As a lifelong small business owner, I understand the struggles of running a business and trying to put food on the table for a family. The last thing we need is more government intervention, which makes everything so much harder. 

My House Republican colleagues and I are tired of overreach, strict regulations, and the abuse of power by the Biden Administration. We will continue fighting for the American family and against abusive regulation.  

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.


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