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Rep. Craig Ford's "Too Hot for YouTube" Videos Obtained by Yellowhammer

Alabama Representative Craig Ford Yellowhammer Politics
Rep. Craig Ford (D - Gadsden)

Last week, we broke the story of the Alabama Democratic Party attempting to scrub their Bill Maher ties from their website. The story was picked up by the national media and the ALDEMS have since done everything they can to, shall we say, “creatively explain” their involvement with the radical left-wing talk show host.

But that’s not the only thing the Alabama Democrats have attempted to hide from the public in the last week. Left In Alabama, a liberal/progressive blog dedicated to Alabama politics, recently posted two videos of House Minority Leader Craig Ford (D – Gadsden) speaking at a Democratic Men’s Club breakfast on March 3rd. While the site applauded the contents of the videos, Rep. Ford quickly realized how damaging they could be and sprung into action. on March 7, Rep. Ford demanded the site take down the videos. Here’s a screenshot from Left in Alabama explaining what happened:

Left in Alabama went on to scold Rep. Ford and other public figures saying, “When you say it in public, be prepared to own it.” Nevermind the irony of demanding people stand by what they say while you don’t have the guts to stand by your own posts — that’s beside the point. This is liberalism on display, after all.

The real point here is that we’re not going to sit by and let liberals get away with their shenanigans anymore. As Left in Alabama so eloquently said, “Don’t say things you don’t want to see on Youtube.” …Or on Yellowhammer Politics.

I knew Rep. Ford would realize the videos were problematic for his charade and that he would try to have them removed. What I didn’t know is that liberal bloggers are just as spineless as liberal politicians and would remove their posts when pressured. Yet another example of a liberal outlet colluding with a liberal politician to advance their liberal agenda.

Do I have the videos? Of course I have the videos.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if it’s ever been on the internet, it will always be on the internet. The videos are below along with some highlights and my second-by-second commentary.

Craig Ford “Too Hot For YouTube” Part 1: You’re Racist and Uneducated if You Voted GOP in 2010

1. If you voted in the 2010 elections, the Democrats say you’re a racist and they want to try to suppress your vote for another 20 years.

1:15: Rep. Ford comments about rural, white Alabamians saying, “It’s a disgrace to admit we’re associated with these people.”

1:30: Rep. Ford on the 2010 election: “It was a race issue and that’s why they turned out. And they turned out and just voted straight Republican.”

1:42: “We’ve got to build a database of these 260,000 people because we don’t want these crazies to come back out. We want them to go home for another 20 years.”

2:48: “It isn’t the black people’s fault that the Democrat party has failed, it’s the white people’s fault.” No, Rep. Ford, it’s YOUR fault and the fault of every other Democrat leader who engaged in a never-ending game of bait and switch with Alabama’s electorate. But for the purposes of your tender ego, you can just continue believing Alabamians are racist and stupid and that’s why they kicked you and your Party out.

2. Alabama Democrats get frustrated when they can’t control the media

3:40: “I got tired of the paper printing bad stuff about me so I said, ‘to hell with ’em, I’m going to buy my own and print what I want.’ So I did.”

3. Contrary to what they would like you to believe, the Alabama Democratic Party alignes themselves with the national Democratic Party. This is one of the main reasons Ford wanted these videos taken down.

4:05: “You think Republicans care about you? No.” If this doesn’t sound familiar, it should. This is the same argument that liberal Democrats try to make against Conservatives like Paul Ryan on the national stage.

4:30: “It use to be a black-white issue, now it’s a brown issue.” Here’s yet another reason why he wanted these videos taken down: the vast majority of Alabamians support Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law. Even Rep. Ford knows that. After all, Rep. Ford voted in favor of HB56. That doesn’t stop him from using it to paint the GOP as racist.

Craig Ford “Too Hot for YouTube” Part 2: Republicans Don’t Care About You

Rep. Ford picks up right where he left off in video 1. “Don’t think the Republicans came in and just swept us and they’ve educated the people in Alabama. It all had to do with one issue: race.”

What about the complete failure of the Democrats to be responsive to the electorate in this state? The Democrats outlined an extensive agenda in the 2006, yet all but two items failed to even come up for a vote during the following quadrennium. The Democrats abused the trust of voters and are paying for it.

In contrast, the Republicans passed every promise from their “Handshake with Alabama” in the first 10 days they were in power.

:25: “I ran into a guy in Wal-Mart and he said, ‘What do you think about Obama?’ And I’ve learned to say, ‘Well what do you think about him?'” As usual, a Democrat sticking his finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing before deciding where he stands on something.

1:00: The man in Wal-Mart says of Obamacare, “My doctor says it’s bad.” Ford’s responds by saying, “You know your doctor drives a porche?” Here’s Rep. Ford bringing his own brand of class warfare to Alabama. You’re telling me that one of our most valuable resources, our doctors, shouldn’t have a voice in healthcare debate — that their opinion is irrelevant because they make a good living?

2:00: “They’ve turned everything Obamacare…We’re going to spin that to where it’s a positive thing.” Now that’s is comedy gold. “One day we’re going to be carrying a card in our wallet,” he continues, “It’s going to be an Obamacare card.” “How many of y’all have a Bushcare card? How many in the room have a Reagancare card? You know why? Because they don’t care.” Rep. Ford then attempts to equate Obamacare to sending veterans to college on the G.I. Bill.

The original title of the first video above was “We have to stand up, speak up, and be heard!” Apparently that statement applies only until you’re caught on camera saying things that you know are diametrically opposed to what most Alabamians think. In that case, you should do your best to cover up those statements and hope to slip into office without the public knowing where you really stand.

Not on our watch.