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Police ‘rescue’ naked Alabama man stuck 40 feet up in a tree

40-year-old Alabamian Michael Howard Long apparently got pretty bored over the weekend.

Emergency personnel responded to a call Saturday evening of a man stuck approximately four stories up in a tree wearing no clothes. When they arrived on the scene they found Long in the tree, but he wasn’t interested in coming down. As a matter of fact, he had work to do up there and didn’t appreciate police distracting him.

Police photo of Michael Howard Long up in a tree
Police photo of Michael Howard Long up in a tree

“Basically, all he would tell the officers was he was cleaning the tree up and was going to make it his home,” said Assistant Police Chief Shane Washburn.

After about an hour of negotiations, Long finally agreed to be lowered to the ground in a bucket truck. He was then taken into custody and charge with public lewdness and disorderly conduct. Police said the incident was drug-related, but didn’t elaborate further.

Long pleaded guilty to the public lewdness charge Monday, but the disorderly conduct charge was dismissed and he was released from jail.

Michael Howard Long
Michael Howard Long

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