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EXCLUSIVE: Fan says flying Bama mom was drunk and acting ‘like a monkey that hasn’t evolved’

(Above: Michelle Pritchett shown making derogatory hand gestures before taking flight)

Oklahoma fans who have watched the internet explode after a video of Alabama fan Michelle Prichett “going off the top rope” hit YouTube are starting to speak out against her explanation of what happened.

In an exclusive interview with Yellowhammer on Friday, Pritchett said that the Oklahoma fans were verbally antagonistic toward her son, which is what compelled her to attack.

Oklahoma fans contend that Prichett was extremely intoxicated and that her young son was yelling obscenities and threatening them throughout the game without much correction from his parents.

Oklahoma fan Kevin Spicer restrains Michelle Prichett’s legs after her flying attack

Today, the Oklahoma fans uploaded another video showing Pritchett flipping them off and her son yelling at them from a few rows up, all of which happened prior to Pritchett taking flight.

Kevin Spicer, one of the fans who Pritchett dove over, reached out to Yellowhammer to tell how things went down from his perspective.

“I can attest to Mrs. Pritchett’s state and assure you that 90 percent of what she has said in her Yellowhammer interview is false,” Spicer said. “I know things can get heated and you say and do things that you know are wrong. Emotions can get the best of you, it happens to all of us. But for her to come out and not take responsibility for her actions and to say she was defending her child is ridiculously untrue and sad.”

Spicer especially took exception to Pritchett’s accusation that the Oklahoma fans had been throwing bottles and had already had a run-in with security prior to her attacking them.

“No bottles were thrown and I never saw security until the ‘Superman punch,'” Spicer said. “To say you would ‘do it again’ shows your lack of class and your ignorance. This type of behavior is the only thing wrong with sports. Businesses evolve, cities, towns, and even monkeys evolve, but fans that would ‘do it again’ obviously don’t.”

Spicer can be seen in the raw footage below in the “Pour it on” t-shirt trying to restrain Pritchett’s legs when she starts bicycle kicking.

“If an apology is going to be taken seriously it needs to be directed to the people she assaulted,” Spicer concluded, “with sincerity and complete honesty.”

[Update: Mr. Spicer wants to clarify that he is not an Oklahoma or Alabama fan, he just ended up in middle of the mayhem.]

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