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How Obama organizers are trying to hijack Alabama’s Republican primary

(Video: Yellowhammer explains how Obama organizers are trying to hijack Alabama’s Republican primary)

The News in 90 Seconds is a Yellowhammer feature that takes a complex issue and boils it down into a short video to make it more understandable. Today we’re explaining how Obama organizers are trying to hijack Alabama’s Republican primary, which is set to take place this coming Tuesday, June 3rd.

Check out the video above. The transcript of the voiceover is below and includes links to Yellowhammer’s coverage of each of the issues mentioned.

The Democratic Party is all but defunct in Alabama.

So liberal groups like the AEA now concoct elaborate schemes to funnel money into Republican primaries. Deceptively-named groups like The Alabama Foundation for Limited Government and Stop Common Core PAC, which certainly “sound” conservative, actually appear to be little more than money laundering operations, spending millions to manipulate Alabama conservatives. In fact, Obama’s media buyers are the ones buying ad time for these two groups.

So the AEA isn’t acting alone.

Their operatives started last year by attending a “campaign academy” hosted by a group founded by former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.

Barack Obama’s campaign operation, now known as Organizing for Action, linked up with the AEA to help them get voters to the polls. They were joined by a new group called Empower Alabama, launched earlier this year by the former Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, who quickly hired Obama campaign staffers.

This highly trained coalition of community organizers has been scouring the state in recent months, but not in Democratic districts where you might expect, but in Republican areas.

Alabama has open primaries. So these groups are working to get traditionally Democratic voting blocs to the polls on June 3rd to vote not for Democrats, but for their chosen Republicans. Meanwhile the front groups we mentioned earlier flood the airwaves with propaganda.

Whether they are ultimately successful in swinging elections will come down to voter turnout. They’re banking on Republicans sitting at home on election day thinking their vote won’t matter.

That’s How Obama organizers are trying to Hijack Alabama’s Republican primary, and this is the News in 90 Seconds.

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