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In what’s been a contentious run-off race that that seems to have widened Alabama’s political divide, the voters finally get to decide which Republican will represent them in this fall’s U.S. Senate election—Luther Strange or Roy Moore.

The polls opened at 7:00 am today and will close at 7:00 pm and one of the biggest questions surrounding today is, for all of the bitter rhetoric, will Alabamians actually go vote? In the primary round six weeks ago, roughly eight out of ten Alabama voters sat it out. While turnout for off-year elections is historically low, common sense would suggest that with all of the national attention on this race, more voters will show up for this round, but we won’t know for sure until tonight.

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In the interim, both candidates are making their final push. Luther Strange voted around 7:00 am at The Exceptional Foundation in Homewood and is making stops at a handful of restaurants in the Birmingham area, while Roy Moore is doing his traditional horseback ride to the polls to the Gallant Fire Hall in the next few minutes.

However it turns out, this election will be remembered as one for the ages in Alabama.

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