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Mo Brooks rails against White House for undermining national security

Above: Congressman Mo Brooks speaks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday morning, Congressman Mo Brooks took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to attack the Obama administrations for abusing the trust of the American people, which he said makes the country more vulnerable to terrorism.

“The Justice Department targets the Associated Press, Fox News, and other journalists,” Brooks said in his opening remarks. “For political reasons, the State Department and White House contrive a false story about Americans murdered in Benghazi. Cover-ups ensue. The President promotes rather than fires the principal deceiver. The President promises to punish the Benghazi murderers yet the only person jailed is a scape-goated filmmaker the White House falsely blamed for inspiring the Benghazi attacks.”

Brooks cited examples of the Obama administration betraying the people’s trust including Gibson Guitars’ struggles with federal law enforcement, the Internal Revenue Service targeting groups with “tea party” and “patriots” in their name, the so-called “Fast and Furious” scandal and allegations that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “unethically, and perhaps unlawfully” shook down companies she regulates for donations to a non-profit that supports Obamacare.

He also took a shot at the administration for its unwillingness to enforce immigration law.

“President Obama thumbs his nose at America’s immigration laws by not only giving millions of illegal aliens a free pass, Obama rewards illegal conduct by giving illegal aliens work permits in direct violation of American law, thereby undermining the ability of Americans to obtain good-paying jobs,” he said.

Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05)

Brooks then laid out the threats to America, noting how they are different now than they had been in the past.

“Mr. Speaker, America faces a policy debate between privacy and national security,” Brooks said. “Fifty years ago, our foes were well-known nation-states like the Soviet Union and Communist China. Now, our enemies may be foreign neighbors, foreign tourists, or even foreign students. Foreign terrorists seek chemical, biological or nuclear weapons of mass destruction that can destroy an American city or murder hundreds of thousands of Americans in a single attack.”

Keeping in mind the modern tactics being used by America’s enemies, Brooks explained how important it is for America’s leaders to be trustworthy when gathering information for national security purposes. But that, he argued, is precisely where the Obama administration has failed.

“As America seeks the proper balance between our privacy rights and national security, one thing stands out: Americans must be able to trust our federal government to do the right thing with the privacy information Americans give up,” he said. “If we cannot trust the federal government to use our privacy information solely for anti-terrorism purposes, then the balance shifts. We will not give up our privacy information, thereby increasing the risk of a successful weapon of mass destruction terrorist attack on an American city.”

Brooks closed his floor remarks by saying that America will be better equipped to win the war on terror if the administration ceases their indiscretions.

“The right thing is not rewarding and promoting political cronies and lawbreakers,” he said. “The right thing is, with full and open candor, telling the American people the truth about these scandals. The right thing is very publicly and aggressively firing offending federal employees. The right thing is very publicly prosecuting lawbreakers. Then, and only then, will the trust of the American people in the federal government be restored. Then, and only then, can America fight the war on terror with certainty that we will win.”

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