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Roy Moore picks his candidate in AL01 race

Dean Young & Chief Justice Roy Moore
Businessman and anti-tax advocate Dean Young has garnered the support of Chief Justice Roy Moore in his campaign to succeed Rep. Jo Bonner as the representative of Alabama’s First Congressional District.

“While I cannot endorse candidates for public office because of my position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” Moore wrote in a letter posted on Young’s website, “I want to take this opportunity to commend you on your willingness to serve our state and our nation at this critical time. Your courage and commitment to faith, family and freedom will be refreshing in Washington, D.C.”

Moore intimated that his extensive personal interaction with Young compelled him to encourage his campaign. “Having worked with you for many years and through many of my own campaigns for public office, I now you to be a man of great ability as well as one of the highest moral and ethical standards,” Moore wrote.

Young ran against Congressman Bonner in the 2012 Republican primary and received just over 24% of the vote. Pete Riehm, another favorite of the conservative grassroots, received almost 16%. Bonner won the primary with 55% of the vote, but Tea Party leaders vowed after the race that they would not split their support in 2014.

However, the surprise retirement of Rep. Jo Bonner has once again left Tea Party leaders without a consensus. Young and Quin Hillyer have both received early support from conservative grassroots leaders.

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