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Listen: Overcoming adversity while serving special needs families with love

In this life, we will have trouble, but take heart, because Jesus came to overcome the World.

Through Him, we all have hope.

The story of the Schubert family is a great testimony of this.

The diagnosis of their little girl, Ady, with autism was life-changing. The whole family was impacted by this overwhelming situation. Instead of staying in a place of pain and wallowing in their own pity, Chrissy and Brian Schubert chose to turn their pain into purpose.

The couple founded Ady’s Army to help families with Autism overcome some of the things they struggled with. Since then, they have formed Ady’s BiG Army to help the greater community of families with special needs.

Ady’s BiG Army has recently launched in Birmingham with Chrissy as the executive director.

This is a story of overcoming adversity, and serving and loving others, even when you don’t feel like it.

This story will give you hope if you are going through a difficult situation, and fill you with hope by testifying of God’s goodness.

Learn more about Ady’s BiG Army here, and support them:

Ady’s BIG Army

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