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What this pro-life, deeply conservative and anti-establishment Alabama voter decided about Roy Moore

I promised on this site last week to be patient, thoughtful and deliberate before reaching any conclusions about the allegations against Roy Moore.

I kept that promise, and hit the mainstream media again and again for what I believe is a political hit job on our election process.

But I also came to an uncomfortable but firm conclusion: the judge is lying, and the accusers are telling the truth.

Here’s why, among many other reasons.

First, Sean Hannity asked the judge a few days ago if he dated high school girls when he was in his 30s.

The only acceptable answer to that question is, “Absolutely not.”

But the judge said he didn’t “remember anything like that.”

Come on …

What man wouldn’t remember if, while in his 30s, he dated a 10th grader? That’s not something that slips one’s mind.

Moore’s evasive and unbelievable answer instantly broke the bond of trust I had given him, and nothing he has said since has done anything to restore it. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Second, Beverly Young Nelson’s news conference earlier this week was overwhelmingly credible.

I may not believe everything written in the Washington Post, but I do believe my own eyes and ears. And on Monday afternoon I witnessed an incredibly brave and convincing woman tell the world about when Moore sexually assaulted her when she was in the 10th grade.

A child.

It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened.

It doesn’t matter that she didn’t report the crime to the police.

It only matters that it happened, or at least I believe that it happened.

(Side note: Leave Mrs. Nelson alone. Any “man” who harasses this lady isn’t worthy of the title.)

But does the opinion of one voter matter?

Maybe it doesn’t.

There are more voters just like me, however, diehard conservatives who have cheered the judge for years, who have supported his actions and defended him against the media and the establishment wings within both parties.

But who now, when faced with these overwhelming and credible allegations, and the judge’s implausible and evasive answers, cannot support him any longer.

I will not … cannot, in fact … vote for Roy Moore.


This causes me anguish beyond measure because I know what the immediate consequences may be – an extreme pro-choice Democrat being elected to the United States Senate who could hold the deciding vote to confirm the next one or two justices.

But the conservative movement isn’t about individuals. It’s about ideas.

Roy Moore isn’t the only Alabamian who can carry our conservative ideas to the senate and vote the way we wish. There are others.

So now it’s up to our leaders – Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan, and the members of the party’s steering committee.

They owe us voters some options, and where there is a political will, there has to be a legal way.





All of the above.

Whatever it takes to put another Republican’s name on that ballot, because conservatives like me – and we’re growing in number every hour – cannot vote for the one on there right now.

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