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7 Things: Public concerned about the economy more than January 6, Brooks says McConnell ‘conned’ Trump and more …

7. Rick Scott: Biden destroyed the economy and shouldn’t hold office

  • U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) recently criticized President Joe Biden, saying that he had “destroyed America’s economy.” Scott made these statements during a television ad advocating for his “Rescue America” plan.

  • Scott went on to say, “It’s time to be honest with the American people. Joe Biden is unfit for office and should resign.” Scott’s “Rescue America” plan includes changes to education, the economy, immigration, and more things that Scott would push further if Republicans regain the majority in 2022.

6. AG Marshall calls on Biden to condemn Supreme Court protests

  • Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall recently commented on protests taking place outside of U.S. Supreme Court Justice homes due to the leaked opinion that the Court may overturn Roe v. Wade. During an appearance on Alabama Public Television’s “Capitol Journal,” Marshall called for Biden to condemn the protests.

  • Marshall stated, “[M]aybe we can see an administration that now can condemn those protests themselves.” He added, “it should be incredibly disturbing to everybody because number one, Merrick Garland could have put his fingerprint directly on this by enforcing the law that exists…We can figure out who was there to intimidate justices as a result of the leak of the opinion that’s coming out in the Mississippi case relating to Roe v. Wade. There could be people arrested for violating federal law.”

5. Huntsville City Schools underwent CRT training in 2015

  • It’s been revealed that in 2015, the Huntsville City School system staff received training in Critical Race Theory (CRT). The training took place over a two-day period and was titled, “Theoretical Foundations: Critical Race Theory/Racial Identity Development.”

  • The agenda for the training stated that there would be “a face-to-face monthly meeting each semester to check on your progress” in implementing the training in classrooms. When this training was given in Huntsville City Schools, congressional candidate Casey Wardynski was serving as superintendent. Wardynski has previously said, “Nobody even heard of Critical Race Theory until 2020.” He has regularly claimed credit for doing away with CRT in the Army.

4. Mo Brooks endorsed by Roy Moore

  • In the U.S. Senate runoff election, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) has been endorsed by former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. During his endorsement, Moore blamed U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Tuscaloosa) and U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt for Moore’s loss to former U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) in 2017.

  • Moore went on to say, “In doing so, they betrayed the principles of the Republican Party. During my campaign for U.S. Senate, Mo Brooks was a fellow candidate with a conservative voting record who I could trust.” Moore also commented that he had “always supported President Donald Trump’s plan to Make America Great Again and to limit the power of the Washington establishment.”

3. Brooks: Trump is just being conned, again, by McConnell

  • U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) responded to former President Donald Trump endorsing his opponent, U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt, in the upcoming runoff election. Only days before Trump announced his endorsement, Brooks was publicly asking for Trump to reendorse him in the race. Now, Brooks is saying that Trump had been “conned.”

  • Brooks declared, “This is weird: Last time Donald Trump talked about Katie Britt, he said she was unqualified for Senate. Donald Trump is the only man in American politics who could get conned by Mitch McConnell twice in an Alabama Senate race.” He added, “Let’s just admit it – Trump endorses the wrong people sometimes. He endorsed Mitt Romney, he endorsed John McCain and now he’s endorsed Katie Britt, who his son, Don Jr., once called ‘Alabama’s Liz Cheney.’”

2. Gun control legislation could come to Alabama

  • In Alabama, State Representative Merika Coleman (D-Birmingham) is hoping to bring red flag laws to the state, which would allow the confiscation of guns from mentally ill individuals. Coleman previously sponsored a red flag bill in the legislature in 2019.

  • Coleman said she hoped to bring legislation during a special session, adding, “It’s timely with the number of mass shootings that have been happening around the country…[T]his is a nonpartisan issue. You have folks around the country, both Democrats and Republicans, that support law enforcement having a tool that they can use if someone is a harm to themselves or to others.”

1. It’s all about inflation and gas prices, while the media’s January 6 obsession rages

  • It’s no surprise that a majority of voters view inflation and high gas prices as more important issues in the midterm elections, rather than the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. New polling data has been released from Politico/Morning Consult supporting this. Worth noting, U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) derailed the terrible messaging of the January 6 committee by acknowledging there would be no criminal referral for the prosecution coming that will target former President Donald Trump.

  • Respondents to this poll were asked if the riot would have a “major” impact on their decisions in the election, and only 32% said that it would, compared to the 50% of respondents that said it would have no impact on their decision. However, 80% of voters said that inflation was “extremely/very important” in their decision, and 74% said gas prices are “extremely/very important.”