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Free therapy for women in Alabama provided by new nonprofit, Better

It’s 2022, and Alabama finds itself ranked 50 out of 51 (including the District of Colombia) on Mental Health America’s 2022 Report for states with the best access to mental health care for adults.

This statistic alone is one of the reasons Better exists. Better is a nonprofit funding therapy for women in Alabama and advocating for overall mental health awareness in the South. In 2021, Better surveyed hundreds of Alabama women finding that the number one obstacle to attending consistent therapy or counseling was finances. Through that, Better was born. The average cost of just one session can be anywhere from $100-$150 for the standard 50 minutes. Even clients with mental health benefits through insurance companies are still paying co-pays out of pocket.

On top of that, it’s reported that it takes at least 12 sessions to make a significant impact. That means anyone interested in growth or healing through talk therapy should prepare to pay an estimated $1,800. For many Alabama women, this is impossible. Leaving vulnerable, hurting women feeling helpless. In the same survey, 90% of women stated they wish they could be in consistent therapy/counseling but are not due to finances.

“Better is going to change that,” stated founders Courtney and Joel Hancock. “Better will provide 12 sessions of free therapy to women in Alabama. It’s important that women go consistently, not just once. Our promise is that if you do the work, we will provide the way.”

“This is just the beginning,” Courtney added. “We have had our lives changed for the better through years of consistent therapy and it’s not okay with us that finances are an obstacle to healing for so many women.”

For more information, to apply for funding, or to donate visit www.betterin12.org.

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