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Forbes ranks Alabama and Auburn among most valuable teams in college football

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According to Forbes, Alabama is the fourth most valuable college football team in the country, followed closely by Auburn at No. 6.

The magazine estimates the Tide has a value of $107 million, with a profit of $53 million after accruing $95 million in revenue.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about the Crimson Tide:

4. Alabama Crimson Tide
Team value: $107 million
Revenue: $95 million
Profit: $53 million
Conference: SEC
Head coach: Nick Saban

The Crimson Tide is the third-most profitable team in college football despite spending more than $41 million last year, easily the most of any team in the country.

Alabama trails only Texas, Notre Dame and Michigan in the overall value ranking, with LSU rounding out the top five.

Auburn came in sixth with a value of $97 million on $39 million profit and $75 million in total revenue.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about the Tigers:

6. Auburn Tigers
Team value: $97 million
Revenue: $75 million
Profit: $39 million
Conference: SEC
Head coach: Gus Malzahn

Auburn hired Gus Malzahn last year, and he immediately turned a struggling 3-9 team into a national title contender. A trip to the BCS National Championship helped boost team value 26% over last year.

The SEC placed five teams in the Forbes top 10, and had nine in the top 20. Alabama’s Sugar Bowl opponent Ohio State ranked ninth with an $87 million value.

Despite its 6-6 ranking, Texas held steady at No. 1. Its overall value is down six percent from $139 million to $131, but the Longhorns still have an almost double-digit lead over second-place Notre Dame. According to Forbes, Texas is still worth at least 7% more than any other team in college football.

Forbes calculates its valuation of teams by comparing the money that college football’s premier programs generate for four major areas: “their athletic departments, their universities, their conferences and their local economies.”

Here’s the complete ranking from Forbes with each team’s corresponding value:

1. Texas: $131 million
2. Notre Dame: $122
3. Michigan: $117
4. Alabama: $107
5. LSU: $103
6. Auburn: $97
7. Tennessee: $94
8. Oklahoma: $93
9. Ohio State: $87
10. Georgia: $84
11. Florida: $82
12. Penn State: $80
13. Texas A&M: $78
14. Washington: $77
15. Nebraska: $73
16. South Carolina: $72
17. Michigan State: $72
18. Arkansas: $71
19. Southern California: $69
20. Oregon: $68

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