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FORBES: Cam Newton is now one of the highest paid athletes in the world

Cam Newton
Every year, the financial magazine and website Forbes publishes its list of highest paid athletes in the world. In order to determine their ranking of the world’s richest active sportspeople, the analysts compile incomes acquired from salary, winnings, sports bonuses, and endorsement contracts.

Cam Newton came in at a remarkable number seven on the list in 2016. The former Auburn Tiger Quarterback makes $41.1 million from his contract with the Carolina Panthers and $12 million from his endorsements, including his massive deal with Under Armor. His grand total comes out to a whopping $53.1 million.

The highest ranking American athlete was now world-champion basketball player Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thanks in part to his partnership with Nike, James rakes in $77.2 M annually.

Both of the highest ranking sportsmen on the list were soccer players who compete for the world’s most prominent clubs: Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, ranked one and two respectively, each earned well over $80 million this past year.

In addition to his massive wealth, Cam Newton also has a new children’s show on Nickelodeon. “All In with Cam Newton” premiered June 3 and features Newton helping kids across the country achieve their goals and dreams. He will meet with 34 kids over the course of the show, talk to them about their dreams and goals, and pair them with mentors. And of course, Cam will be along for the ride.

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Forbes’ entire list of 100 top paid active athletes can be examined on their website linked here.

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