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(Audio) DeMarco gets skewered on Matt Murphy Show for being ‘deceptive’

(Above: Matt Murphy’s full interview with Paul DeMarco)

Conservative talk radio host Matt Murphy skewered Republican 6th Congressional District candidate Paul DeMarco on his radio program Monday morning for being “deceptive” and refusing to directly answer the question of whether he’s ever sponsored a tax increase.

Murphy’s initial criticisms centered around a DeMarco campaign ad that attacked DeMarco’s opponent, Gary Palmer, for his position on tax hikes.

The ad uses a partial quote Palmer wrote in 2003 that makes it seem like he supported then-Gov. Bob Riley’s Amendment 1, often referred to as the largest proposed tax hike in Alabama history. The second half of the quote, which was edited out in DeMarco’s ad, made it clear that Palmer actually opposed the Amendment.

“This is deceptive,” Murphy said in response to the ad.

“No, those are his words and I think it’s up to Gary to decide which taxes he’s for or against,” DeMarco said in response.

The two went back and forth for several minutes arguing over the ad’s merit before Murphy changed his line of questioning.

“Where are you on climate change?” He asked DeMarco. “I have you quoted as saying, ‘global warming is causing the conflict in Syria.'”

Murphy then played the quote and asked, “Is that accurate? Is that fair?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” DeMarco said hesitantly. “I don’t know when that was said.”

“It was on our show,” Murphy replied. “I also have you saying ‘we are going to punish the citizens and these veterans.'”

Murphy played the clip.

“Are you playing a tape of me?” DeMarco said.

Murphy then played a clip of DeMarco saying “I’m willing to negotiate with Iran.”

“What I’m doing to you is wrong, isn’t it?” Murphy asked.

DeMarco seemed to begin realizing at that point that Murphy was illustrating how easy it easy to quote someone out of context.

“I’m listening to what you’re saying here,” DeMarco said. “We had an ad that quoted Gary Palmer regarding his position.”

“I’m quoting you regarding your positions,” Murphy retorted. “You believe global warming is causing the conflict in Syria, you’re going to punish veterans, and you’re willing to negotiate with Iran… The point that I’m trying to make, Paul, is this isn’t like you. And it’s horribly disappointing to people that know you that you would resort to the tactics that you have resorted to.”

DeMarco continued to repeat that his campaign simply used Palmer’s own words.

“What you’re doing is taking words,” DeMarco began, before stopping short.

“I’m taking your words, what, out of context?” Murphy pressed. “Am I taking your words out of context?”

“These words weren’t taken out of context, he did say he supported taxes,” DeMarco said.

“The final portion of the quote clearly states that he was against Amendment 1, Paul,” an exasperated Murphy replied. “This negativity and this deception is so unlike you. I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to do this… This is beyond negative, it’s deceitful. [Birmingham News reporter] Chuck Dean referred to it as a lie on Friday. How do you respond to that?”

“Those are his words regarding taxes,” DeMarco said once again.

Murphy then turned his attention to the second half of the ad in which DeMarco touts having stood up to fellow Republicans who were supporting tax hikes.

DeMarco specifically pointed to his opposition to a Jefferson County occupational tax. DeMarco voted against the tax as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Here’s a partial transcript of the ensuing back and forth:

Murphy: “Have you ever sponsored a tax increase?”

DeMarco: “Which tax increases?”

Murphy: “I’m asking you, yes or no, have you ever sponsored a tax increase?”

DeMarco: “During the course of the eight years, I was opposed to taxes.”

Murphy: “Have you ever sponsored a tax increase?”

DeMarco: “During the course of the eight years, I was opposed to taxes.”

Murphy: “Paul, for goodness sakes, it’s a yes or no question. If you can’t answer a yes or no question from me, who’s going to control you in Washington, D.C.? If you can’t answer a simple… Have you ever sponsored a tax increase, yes or no?”

DeMarco never gave a clear answer, but Murphy pointed out one specific example in which he says DeMarco voted in favor of raising a business license fee. DeMarco disagreed with Murphy’s assessment of the legislation, although he did concede that he voted in favor of it.

Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer are set to meet in the 6th Congressional District Republican runoff on July 15th.

The full audio of the interview can be heard above.

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