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Dale Jackson’s 7 Things: Trump’s evaluation will not include a look at his mental acumen, Ivey’s State of the State kicks off the legislative session tonight, Trump takes over College Football Championship game, and more …


The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. President Donald Trump will undergo a physical that will not include a mental evaluation

— The president is scheduled to receive an annual physical on Friday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

— There is no legal requirement for the physical to include a test of his mental functions, nor do the results have to be released.

— The media narrative about President Trump’s mental health have gripped the nation for the last week.

2. President Trump’s attorneys are “in talks over Mueller interview” as they think the Russian probe is wrapping up

— Reports indicate that the Special Counsel is seeking to speak with the president soon.

— The options include a sit down interview or written questions and responses.

— The White House did not confirm the reports but did say they are fully cooperating with the probe.

3. Gov. Kay Ivey qualifies to run for Governor, prepares her first State of the State address

— Ivey qualified to run full-time for the job she got when Gov. Robert Bentley resigned.

— The Governor faces GOP challengers including Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and State Senator Bill Hightower, and Democrat challengers include former Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox.

— This will be Gov. Ivey’s first big moment speaking to the state since she assumed the office.

4. Alabama lawmakers prepare to head back to work but they have their eyes on the exit

— Alabama 2018 legislative session starts today.

— Election year issues in the forefront include prisons, healthcare for children, permitless carry, daycare regulations and teacher pay raises.

— Being an election year, most expect a relatively short session.

5. The President visits Nashville, touts rural prosperity and his accomplishments, then takes over the College Football Championship

— The President talked up farmers and their contributions to the country, he also talked about his accomplishments in his first year in office.

— Trump made the unusual move of appearing on the field prior to the game with the color guard.

— Alabama running back Bo Scarborough was caught on tape screaming “F*** Trump!” prior to the game, which he then denied.

6. Oprah-mania shows how screwed Democrats are

— After the election of Donald Trump, Democrats are seeking a superstar entertainer to counter his star power and it appears Oprah could be that person.

— There is no clear leader of the Democrat Party, most of its faces are over 65 (Sen. Chuck Schumer/Rep. Nancy Pelosi), generally unknown (Sen. Gillibrand/Sen. Cory Booker), or far-left (Sen. Bernie Sanders/Sen. Elizabeth).

— The White House welcomed Winfrey to the party. Spokesman Hogan Gidley said, “We welcome the challenge whether it be Oprah Winfrey or anyone else”.

7. It is hard to deny there is a “Deep State” when FBI agents are leaking to the press

— Two investigators at the FBI appear to be a source of some of the leaks from the Special Counsel’s office.

—  FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page sent texts back and forth suggesting they needed a cover story for a story that would soon appear in the Wall Street Journal.

— Strzok was a key part of the early Russia election meddling probe before he was removed last summer by Robert Mueller.