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Dale Jackson’s 7 Things: The President’s mental state dominates the media, qualifying starts today for Alabama’s 2018 elections, Oprah may be running for President, and more …


The 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today

1. “Fire and Fury” author faces questions about his credibility, New York Times White House correspondent declares book “notionally true

— Micheal Wolff’s book about the inner working of the early days of the Trump has been driving the national conversation for one week.

— Wolff’s credibility has been in question for years, but he was still given access to the White House.

— NYT’s Maggie Haberman said the book is “notionally true”  and the “details are often wrong” but the book is still treated as an accurate look behind the curtain.

2. Questions about President Donald Trump’s fitness for office continue to dominate the media

— The 25th Amendment continues to be referenced by Democrats; the amendment would allow the cabinet to remove a President from power.

— President Trump will be evaluated by the same doctor who examined Barack Obama.

— These same media outlets told us that speculating about Hillary Clinton’s health was wrong.

3.  Qualifying starts for Alabama’s 2018 elections

— We could see a flurry of names come out and toss their hats in the ring starting today.

— The following statewide offices are up for election this year: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, four other Supreme Court seats, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture, and two seats on the Public Service Commission.

— Some heavy hitters have already announced they will be running for statewide office, including former Attorney General Troy King and former Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, who is running for Governor.

4. Roy Moore’s accuser’s house burns down in suspected arson, political motivations not suspected

— Tina Johnson, who accused Roy Moore of grabbing her buttocks, had her home burned in an expected arson.

— While speculation is rampant that this is related to her accusations about Moore, authorities do not believe it is related to those claims.

— Social media doesn’t care; Silicon Valley tech executive Katie Jacobs Stanton has helped raise $160,000 for Johnson.

5. Steve Bannon grovels for forgiveness but doesn’t deny saying the things he was reported to have said 

— While not denying the quotes, Bannon appears to backtrack on many of his comments from Micheal Wolff’s explosive book.

— Bannon claims his comments about “treason” were not directed at Donald Trump Jr., but were about Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

— Since the release of “Fire and Fury”, Bannon has lost political power, financial support, and he could lose his platform at Breitbart News.

6. The NAACP has protests planned for tonight’s championship game between Alabama and Georgia

— The group wants people to wear white to mock the oft-used “snowflake” label.

— “Refuse Fascism ATL” wants people to “take a knee against Trump” in an act of defiance to the President.

— The President will attend tonight’s game as a guest of Vice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff.

7. Oprah Winfrey is running for President

— The former talk show host, and Hollywood favorite, gave a speech many believe is a sign that she is considering running for President.

— In her speech at the “Golden Globes” she offered a call to action to women, “For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up.”

— Her boyfriend, Stedman Graham says, “It’s up to the people” and that “she would absolutely do it.”