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When it comes to the Republican tax cut, are you going to believe your paycheck or the mainstream media?

The tax cut has now officially passed the House and the Senate, so now we get to continue the argument about who’ll benefit over our Christmas dinners. But in February, most Americans will see an increase in their paychecks, according to Paul Ryan.

“On January 1, Americans are going to wake up with a new tax code. On February 1, they are going to see withholdings go down, so they are going to see bigger paychecks. And April 15 will be the last day they have to comply with the old, bad system.”

Why this matters: The impact of the Republican tax cut will be seen in the pocket books of voters, not in the eyes of the media. IF most Americans see a cut, as Business Insider predicts, this will be a huge win for Republicans, and the media can’t spin that.

The details:
— If you make $20,570, you will get a 19.1% cut

— If you make $49,770, you will get a 15.2% cut

— If you make $76,730, you will get a 6.5% cut

— If you make $100,560, you will get a 8.2% cut

— If you make $152,770, you will get a 3.6% cut

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