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Bubba Bussey Endorses Luther Strange for U.S. Senate

Bubba Bussey (right) with the 6′-9″ Luther Strange

Bill “Bubba” Bussey of the Rick & Bubba Show endorsed Luther Strange this morning on Twitter, stating:

­­­“There are several quality candidates, but I’m supporting my long-time friend Luther Strange.”

Bubba took the time to speak with Yellowhammer this morning to explain the reasons for his endorsement.

“As I said on Twitter, first and foremost, Luther’s a long-time friend,” Bubba said. “But here’s what I want folks to understand: a lot of people have asked for my opinion on this Senate race, so I’m simply stating my support of the man personally I think will most effectively serve the people of Alabama. I don’t tell people how to vote, and I respect everyone’s opinion to make their mind.”

“With that said, there are several quality candidates, but I’ve known Luther personally, and right now I believe he’s the best candidate to help move the Trump agenda forward, just as Donald Trump himself has stated. If we’re supporting the Trump agenda, we need to give the President who he wants to fill that Senate seat.”

When I asked Bussey for some examples of things Strange has done for Alabama he said,

“Two that immediately come to mind: Luther fought BP and won a huge settlement for our state, and he took on the EPA and the Obama administration and kept them from instituting all of their overreaching, job-killing mandates.”

Bussey went on to say that there are two pink elephants in the room concerning Luther Strange.

“The first is the so-called cloud around the Bentley appointment,” he explained. “I understand that it’s easy to draw a hasty conclusion but the facts don’t support that conclusion. I would simply point people to your article of August 1st, which tells both sides of the story in an unbiased way. When people see the timeline and read Luther’s responses, I think they will see that issue is not as cut and dry and his opponents want to make it.”

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“The second issue is that Luther’s opponents have tried to frame him as the Washington insider. The truth is, Luther’s only been there a few months. Look, Mo Brooks has served his district well for a long time, so I am not against Mo in any way. But if the argument is over who the career politician is, Mo has been there for a very long time, not Luther.”

Bussey and I also discussed his thoughts on Roy Moore.

“I’m an acquaintance or Roy, way back to our Gadsden days. I think he’s an honorable man who has served the country well. In fact, I’ve voted for him every single time he’s run as a judge, and I think he’d be great on the 4th Circuit of Appeals. I simply think Luther Strange is the best fit for that position as a United States Senator.”

In conclusion, Bubba said,

“Finally, I want to say that Rick and I have not historically endorsed candidates in primaries. But Rick did so with Gary Palmer because of their close personal friendship, and I’m doing so with Luther because of my close personal friendship with him and because of all I’ve seen him accomplish. There’s no doubt in my mind Luther Strange is the best man for the job.”

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